Thank You, Tomas. Except For The Part About……..


Tomas Plekanec almost had a fine year. The turtleneckian-one led the team during the regular season with 25 goals and 45 assists, and I thank him for that. Thank you, Tomas.

Unfortunately, he was asleep for much of the playoffs, and I don’t thank him for that. 

He was needed so much in the post-season and didn’t come through, racking up a very mediocre four goals and seven assists in the 19 games the Habs went through. Several more goals from Tomas and we might not have found ourselves in such a pickle.

So the problem is, has he become another one of those notorious players who doesn’t show up when the going gets tough, and if so, do you give him a big, fat raise? Plekanec becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer and will be looking for a major pay hike to be sure. He makes $2.75 million now, and will probably want at least double that.

And what if another team comes calling, offering six million or more? Do we match it? I say no.

It’s just one of many problems Pierre Gauthier will have to solve.

Meanwhile, it’s obvious the team is lacking here and there, and why would I even attempt to analyse things when Tom Collins at Ryan Coke Experience writes about What The Habs Should Do This Summer and has done a bang-up job of it? Of course Tom might find some opposition to his idea of dealing away Andrei Markov, but he explains it all, and what he says makes some serious sense.

Tom isn’t a Habs blogger per say; he delves into the NFL and television and movies and such, (I’m still in shock from when he said the Beatles were overrated), but he’s also a Habs fan who has a real knack at crunching numbers and moving players around and is a pretty smart cat, and I feel that when I’m owner, Tom should be part of upper-management with the rest of my hand-picked team.

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  1. ‘Turtleneckian’? Too funny Dennis Gallivan! He deserves a raise but not $6 million dollars. He hurt hiimself by being almost invisible so will be hard for him to justify that amount. Maybe $4.5 million for the 70 points he got. He would be good trade bait. Maybe a 1st rounder or a bigger top 6 forward.

  2. I’m against any concept of trading Andrei Markov, it’s all well and good to get a top-6 forward and more for him but the fact is P.K. Subban is not ready to take over for Markov as the Blueline MVP yet and no one else in the prospect pipeline is looking like they can either. Markov the veteran to instruct P.K. Subban the rookie is an excellent scenario for Montreal and the fact is, Montreal needs him. the PP numbers speak for themselves and he can play 25 quality minutes or more a game for the team. This is shifting the responsibility of carrying the defence on the back of Andrei Markov to P.K. Subban, that’s not an improvement by any stretch, it feels like the earlier part of the decade when it was up to Koivu to carry a completely underwhelming forward group on his back.

  3. “I feel that when I’m owner, Tom should be part of upper-management with the rest of my hand-picked team…”

    I vote for assistant general manager where I’m in charge of the trades and free agent signings. That way, if they don’t work out, I can blame the general manager and let him get fired. 🙂

  4. Hey Dennis,Yes it seems the ghosts of the forum were playing on the ice at times, cause they seemed to disapear quite frequently.Plekanecs must have had an injury,but he did do that two years ago against philly ,as well as the kostitsyn bros.It was alomost as if they were afraid of getting injured.The Habs made a great effort at the post seson,but when they needed people to show up some didnt.

  5. Dennis, I read Tom’s article and it is a really fine analysis.
    I cannot understand Tomas Plekanec. He was outstanding during the regular season then he underperformed in the playoffs. He did a great job covering Crosby in the Penguins series and it looked like that role compromised his ability to score points.
    He went downhill after that and left everyone scratching their heads.
    Did he revert back to his self-deprecating style of “playing like a little girl” as he was quoted during the 2008 playoffs against the Bruins?

    Is his relatively small size a game-changing factor, but during playoffs only?
    There might be another reason.
    Maybe he was playing with an undisclosed injury. His contract is coming up and you would think that he would want to shine in order to increase his value for either the next deal with the Habs or another suitor. But now there is just a big question mark hanging over his head.
    After his performance in the post-season it is doubtful that he will be able to double his current $2.75 million contract with the Habs.
    But what if he was playing hurt and the Habs are keeping quiet about it? They would then know the real reason for his lack of production and would know he is capable of much more once he is back at 100 per cent.
    Speculation on my part, but I am hoping that a hidden injury the real reason he didn’t do so well in the playoffs and maybe he can be part of the team next season without costing an arm and a leg.
    Otherwise the only conclusion one can draw is that Plekanecs chokes under playoff pressure.

  6. Danno – a hidden injury is something I never considered and could be valid. He was so quiet. I have much higher expectations for him than I do for Andrei Kostitsyn. I think both brothers have lost something that they’ll never get back, whereas Plekanec had such a fine season and just, for some inexplicable reason, fell asleep in the playoffs. Maybe you’re right. Maybe something’s wrong. And then there’s Pouliot……

  7. Robert, I think they should keep Marlov too. Hols smokes, he’s in the top four or five d-men in the league. You’re absolutely right, he can give teach Subban the ropes. The last we want is to ruin Subban. The jury’s still out on how Price was handled.

  8. Derry, I think we should write off the brothers. And Plekanec? He has to prove he’s a playoff performer so no way would I give him a long-term contract. He might be a bum in the playoffs every year of the contract.

  9. Danno – that’s unreal. How did you find that, first of all? Anyway, he could said the same thing this year word for word. Wow. That tells me he’s not a playoff guy.

  10. Keep him. He was one of the reasons we had the chance to get to the playoffs in the first place. Unlike a few (who shall remain nameless at this point) who simply did not have their heads in the game for the entire season.

  11. That’s fair enough, Punkster. But we need more out him in next year’s playoffs.

  12. We have enough Europeans on the team. I hope our signings are all Canadian (even tho the Halak/Price scenario goes against this). And no pretty boys please who are afraid to play grinding hockey and afraid of the puck hitting them. Trade big and lil tits bros but not Markov. Like what he could do with PK. Poulliot looks like a lost cause. Difference this year is we have more of a core than last year. May attract more players. Good experienced core.

  13. Dennis, we should have listened to you in the first two rounds when you pointed out Plekanec’s lack of scoring. I think he has the heart to play well and did a great job shutting down Ovechkin and Crosby. As Tom pointed out he just loses the ability to score when it counts. Or as Danno guessed maybe all that checking ruined his scoring mojo.

    I’m with most of Tom’s suggestions, he has a lot of persuasive arguments. My only real complaint is why force a pay cut on Moore. I think he deserves a raise. We’ll really need him if Plekanec walks.

    He also pointed out that it would be wrong to trade Price and keep Halak. I absolutely agree, Halak’s value is as high as it will ever be and he’ll want a longer term deal. The new equipment rules will benefit the larger Price more next year. And I’m worried that teams will soon learn to exploit Halak’s weaknesses.

    Finally Tom touched on something I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere before. This summer we’ll be drafting 27th, had we lost to Pittsburgh we would have drafted 15.

  14. So I see that Subban and Maxwell were reassigned to Hamilton to help them win the Calder Cup. I’m going to add to the story that they tried to reassign Sergei Kostitsyn too, but the Bulldogs refused to take him.

  15. The goalie dilemna simmers once again. Remember how Tim Thomas once was god until he signed a huge deal with Boston. Now it’s Tim who?

  16. Thomas signed for $20 million over four years. Now he doesn’t even have to work for it. Tuukka Rask is their #1 now. Could it happen to the Habs?

  17. We should probably think about who we want in return if we were to trade/release plekanec. Someone Forsberg-esque maybe, who is a 2-way playmaker, gritty and tough hitter and performs well in playoffs who can compliment Cammalleri’s skills?

  18. A buddy of mine suggested this trade: Markov and Price for Joe Thornton. We’d get a big centre, someone who could feed Cammy, the price tag would be the same, San Jose might be in need of a new goalie (if Nabakov walks), and maybe they’d want another d-man if a couple of theirs decide to leave (Rob Blake being one).

    The only snag would be whether SJ wants another top d-man to go along with Boyle. And how much change they want to do after falling short in the playoffs again.

  19. Tom, I’d almost make that deal. I can’t decide yet. Thornton sort of got the playoff-slacker monkey off his back this year. Hmm. A trade to ponder for sure.

  20. He was also a -12 in the playoffs (or something like that), which would have been the worst if it were not for Bergeron.

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