Okay, That Sucked. I Hope The Habs Are Happy They Made Sabres Fans Happy

Through the din in the bar in downtown Courtenay, I saw the game. The sound was turned off, AC DC and Carrie Underwood warbled in the background, the guy beside me and his girlfriend talked for almost two hours on their cellphone to someone about good deals on cars, then I heard him say goodbye mom, and a guy playing pool almost broke his back falling over when he won 25 bucks on pull tabs.


But I saw the game and I take back everything nice I said about Buffalo and the Buffalo Sabres. From here on in, it’s war with the Buffalo Sabres. 


Montreal played sloppy. They took stupid penalties (hello Steve Begin), couldn’t finish quality scoring plays, and the Sabres bumped them around more than the Canadiens bumped the Sabres around.


And they may as well not even shown up for the shootout.


So now it’s up the road to Toronto to play the team that just beat the Detroit Red Wings.


It’s gonna be no problem. As long as there’s no stupid penalties, better passing, more quality scoring chances, and more toughness from big guys like Ryan O’Byrne. And as long as Toronto stinks like they’re supposed to stink.


And I know Saku Koivu played because I saw him. I’m pretty sure it was him, at least someone wearing number 11. Whoever it was, he looked like me when I played after dropping some purple microdot acid. 


I saw flashes of nice play from the Canadiens, a touch of firewagon hockey here and there, but the Habs just looked out of sorts. Buts it’s only game one. Although, how come the Sabres didn’t look as out of sorts as they did? Must have been the home crowd.


The team seemed physically outmatched. Looks to me like we need Dangerous Goods Laraque to get back as soon as possible.


I’ll be back in my living room tomorrow night for the Leafs game. It’s only the beginning of the season and  I’m already running out of patience.


At least they got a point out it.

5 thoughts on “Okay, That Sucked. I Hope The Habs Are Happy They Made Sabres Fans Happy”

  1. hi dennis…

    ya i saw the game,the puck was not bouncing for les canadiens,i agree about koivu(blinded by the light)and the shooters did not have much to show,it was a good game but timing and position were off a bit,carboneau will prpbably see to it….. good nite


  2. Good game, good game.

    “and they may as well not even shown up for the shootout.”

    Yeah. I expected more. I’m not going to lie. I was a little nervous.

  3. I’m not worried. The Habs lost four of their first six games to begin the season last year. We got a point. Lang looked good. Too many times they passed when they should have shot, looking for the nice goal. Brisebois made me cringe, but he didn’t cost a goal. Begin takes the stupidest penalties at the worst time. Price looked awesome.

    One game in, one point, some positives out of the game and a few things to work on.

  4. Steve “the Strawman” Begin has got to go. Love the guy’s heart, but he takes the most mindless penalties at the absolute worst times. Four minutes in a tied game on the road in the third? What is this man thinking? Carbo and Gainey have to get him to the Wizard of Oz pronto! You know Denis, as the song says, “With the thoughts he’d be thinkin’, he could be another Lincoln, if he only had a brain!”

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