Okay Habs

No need for a pep talk, Habs. You know what’s on the line. If we have to remind you, you might as pack up and join the Korean League or something.

If you win tonight you’ll have the Blueshirts edgy going back to Broadway, and if you win that one, then game seven back home means the Rangers will be basket cases on the verge of chug-a-lugging 4 Aces sherry rotgut to ease their troubled minds and you’ll be bursting at the seams with vim and vigour.

Plus, it you lose tonight we’ll be upset. And you don’t want to poke the skunk.

baby skunk

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need my pre-game nap.


16 thoughts on “Okay Habs”

  1. This is it , gut check time , patches ,gionta , plekanec , gallagher, and especially vanek . The goalies have done their best and it is time to start putting some pucks in the net and play some responsible defensive zone hockey or we dont stand a chance . LETS GO HABS !

  2. By the way DK don’t sleep like that or I’ll open all your kitchen cupboards!

  3. We know they CAN—-the question is DO THEY AS A GROUP WANT TOO. Not some but ALL .I’m tired at work too, but the kids need peanut butter—-I get a measly paycheck —–they COULD get a Ring and hear the crowd as #25 gets hoisted to the rafters. Wonder what more motivation one needs.

  4. Yes Peter. Nothing like a fine win to help the old sleep patterns. How come these things start at 8? It’s way too late for me because I do a writeup afterward. But maybe sleep is overrated when it comes time for Habs winning in the playoffs.

  5. True character win last night Danno. We finally saw it again after the Bruins series.Took awhile.

  6. Play it again on Thursday Mike. Maybe it’s part of what needs to be done. And then again on Saturday when we finish off these bastards.

  7. They almost did everything you asked, Joe. The gods were listening to you and passed it on to them.

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