Oh, Was There A Hockey Game Tonight?

Minor news – Edmonton 7, other team 2.


In the world of potato sack racing, Kay Summers, who helped host the City Streets Country Roads Potato Sack Race at the Great Frederick Fair, explains the steps of the race which they added to the schedule a couple of years ago.

1. Situate yourself into the potato sack bag. 2. Jump as fast as you can to the finish. 3. Don’t fall down.


The international Cricket Council announced the latest ICC ratings, and the Indian team has moved up  to second position but lost in the 5th and final ODI. Sri Lanka has moved up to second. South Africa and India are also top contestants to Ricky Pointing’s team. Australia is number one ranked, while Bangladesh is in ninth and last spot.

So the Cricket-World Cup Super Eights Standings are:

Australia 14, Sri Lanka 10, New Zealand 10, South Africa 8, England 4, West Indies 4, Bangladesh 2, and Ireland 2.


In spectacular lawn bowling, BC bowlers shone at the PBA qualifier. Fred Fong is the Canadian qualifier for the singles event at the Potters Holiday World Indoor Bowls Championship. Fong and Christine Graham both went to the Potters Championship in the US.

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  1. DK’ When do the badminton,ping-pong & domino seasons begin ??
    No fear of ghosting on my TV it’s always on fast fast foreward, No need for slow-mo or freeze !!!

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