Oh, Was There A Hockey Game Tonight?

I raced home for that? I avoided the score all evening because I was working and had recorded it? I did all that for that? 

BC Lions coach Wally Buono said during this ridiculous, unforgiveable display of shameful hockey by the Canadiens that “when you’re not meeting expectations (as a team) you should be criticized.” And that was before there was any score!

I agree with Wally. But I’m not going to criticize. There’s no sense. If the Habs don’t know they stunk the joint out, then it’s a lost cause. Better to let them sort it out themselves over a few beers after the game if they dare show their faces in public.

They began the game by handing on a silver platter to the Vancouver Canucks three goals when the Canucks were allowed to dance in at will like ringers playing kids on a frozen lake. And when the score began to take on a life of it’s own -somewhere around 4-1, I dusted off the fast forward button on the remote and watched in record time the hideous affair stretch all the way to 7-1.

Carey Price was left out to dry, especially on those first three, and with his mom and dad and other family watching in dismay, he and the team self-destructed, and a beautiful homecoming for Price turned into a horrendous nightmare that is sure to leave scars on the entire Price clan for decades to come.

It was an evening that should never be brought up again. Ever. That was more painful than the arthritis I had a couple of years ago.

Why did it have to be Vancouver? Why couldn’t it have been almost anybody else? The opposite was supposed to happen. It’s midnight and I can hear smirking for blocks around me. Right now, as far as hockey games go, that’s about as bad as it gets if you’re a Habs fan. Maybe I should check on how Sri Lanka and the West Indies are doing in cricket.

The team travels to Edmonton for a Saturday night clash with the Oilers. Will Price play and regain his earlier form, or is that just a distant memory now?

Will the team actually rebound and win in Edmonton, or will they get blown out again?

And how long will it take before I forgive them?

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29 thoughts on “Oh, Was There A Hockey Game Tonight?”

  1. I should of stopped you in the parking lot at work and gave you the scoop about the game.But being a Montreal Canadien HATER ,I didn’t ,I guess I wanted you to suffer .

    I’m so sorry

  2. Pretty hard to see last night.

    I’m usually a “glass half full” kinda guy…. but man… pretty hard to be positive last night.

    Only thing that I can say about the Habs last night… they looked like they were playing without their quarterback.

    Markov has been the glue to hold the team together for a few years. That disorganized look came back last night. It’s only 4 games in…. but even still….

    I thought Weber looked more out of place last night. Bad pinch… noticed a few times he hesitated going after the puck on the boards… looked like he didn’t want to get hit.

    But Dennis… now I’ll switch to the positive gear…. Love the blog man!

  3. There is a bright side. Price didn’t play poorly, which is unusual for a 7-1 game. Usually there’s a few bad goals. Price played well. The goals were breakaways, two on nones, bad bounces, etc.

    I think Price was the best player on the team (how’s that for positive?).

  4. Price will bounce back. Maybe he has to smack a few of his own guys on the head before Saturday for letting him down.

  5. I so enjoyed the game, despite the fact it wrecked my Dad’s birthday. ; ) I think Michigan Ave. must have been a very lonely place last night….

  6. I don’t agree that the 1st 3 goals were ‘handed’ there Dennis…..my take on them was more like–this is more like it!!!My good ‘ol boys snapped into action. Come on Dennis…..we needed that huge win just as you need deal with gutsy Rick Rypien standing up to one of your big “goons”. That was my 8th most memorable moment of the game.You really should rewind….

  7. Thanks, Yves. You’re right, not having Markov was glaring last night. Like the announcers were saying last night, how do you get by when you lose your best player in the first game of the season? Anyway, thanks for liking my blog. Although I’m thinking about blowing up the TV and computer and retreating to Mongolia or somewhere similar.

  8. Moeman, you’re right. They gotta come back with Price. If they don’t, we could have a repeat of last year where his confidence had flown out the window. I feel bad for his family.

  9. Bob needs to get another defenseman. End of story.

    Dennis, I feel your pain. I have work colleagues that are leaf fans. There’s no worse feeling than having to face these people after your team gets blown out of the water by them. I don’t blame you for being so pissed off, they didn’t just lose the game, it was downright humiliating. No excuse for that. Martin bag skated them for 20 minutes after practice today. Maybe they’ll come to their senses before Edmonton.

  10. Hey Dennis, this is a fine blog, I’m not a Habs fan but this is a well-written blog.

    I’m a Canucks fan and I’m absolutely chuffed that the Sedins broke out and Kesler and Raymond all scored monster goals last night, but I felt really bad for Carey Price, being made to look bad (when it was the Canucks really putting pedal to the metal and the Habs D looking tired out there) in front of his family and friends. I like Price a lot he needs his confidence and this game can’t have been good for that. Vancouver though REALLY REALLY needed this win… now we’ll see how the Nucks do vs Crow and his Stars on Sunday!

    Last win for the Habs in Vancouver was November 30, 2000. So its been a while.

    P.S. Beat the Oilers in regulation for us, ok?

  11. Thanks Moey. That was like chewing on razor blades. Guys at work have were talking about this game for days before, and then the worst possible result happened.

  12. Burnaby Joe. Thank you for that. It was absolutely the worst-case scenario for a Habs fan living in Powell River. We’ll do you a big favour and win in Edmonton on Saturday. And thanks for not rubbing it in.

  13. Dennis,

    That wasnt quite how I expected the game to go last night but I was definitely pleased. I really felt bad for Carey Price last night though, just about every single one of those goals on him last night he didnt have a snowballs chance in hell. His defense did not show up at all last night. I’ll be pulling for your boys in Edmonton though, hopefully the habs come out hard and put the oilers away early.

  14. Canucks looked good, Jordy. But what a nightmare for all Habs fans. And I felt so bad for Price and his family.

  15. Buono should know. Als haven’t won in Vancouver either for like…ever. Shamefull leaving the kid out to dry like that. Even the guy on the radio this morning was like “how could they do that to him?!”. Guys might have been able to do something if they hadn’t forgotten their abilities and lifeforce in the last time zone. Recipe for disaster. However, thank god for Price or we’d be looking at a scary 0-4 right now.

    I think his mom was in tears. His dad looked devastated. He, however, took it like a man and I commend the kid for that. I also liked how he squeezed himself in on the bench with the rest of the gang until the game was over instead of running off to the room. Later he punched a hole in the wall ^^; I’m sure that’ll be fixed for the Olympics, though I would love them to keep the hole there, and put a plaque under it saying “Price was here, take note of it”.

    The other upside: AK46 didn’t see his shadow. Told you he takes a few to wake up.

  16. Kostitsyn played better, you’re right. The Price story is very sad and I really feel for his mom and dad. I just hope this doesn’t hurt the overall picture, and hopefully everything will be much better on Saturday. Thanks.

  17. I’m glad that the Canucks got out of their funk, but did they have to do it against the Habs? The game was embarrassing, but hopefully Martin will be able to use it as a teaching lesson. If the theory that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger holds true, we’re in for a great game Saturday night.

    Some fans get overly excited over individual games, Hab fans save their gloating for when they win the Stanley Cup. I look forward to Montreal beating Vancouver for the Stanley Cup. Or Calgary or Edmonton.

  18. I’ll take a Habs-Canucks final, as long as none of the games are played in Vancouver. (9 straight losses)

  19. Oh I’m not worried about the Canucks in the finals, even if half the games are in Vancouver. The Canucks will be happy just to be there again. Whereas Montreal is basically unbeatable in the finals, especially on home ice with the series on the line.

  20. Chris, you’re right. And by the finals Markov will be flying and it’ll be no problem at all. Canucks have entered Leafs/Bruins territory.

  21. Markov is a over-rated bum.The glory days of the Montreal Canadians is long gone.
    Dennis your a great blogger.To be a better Blogger ,you should start blogging about the Canucks.What do you mean by Leafs/Bruins territory?

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