Oh No….Habs Home Opener Not So Great


Slip, sliding away. Slipped, slid away.

At the risk of sounding like a whiner, did PK Subban really deserve a slashing penalty with just over two minutes to go in the game? Maybe my television’s not big enough, heck it’s only a 52 inch job, but even in the replay I didn’t see what would warrant the call.

And why am I complaining about one play? Because the Lightning tied the game on this power play and won it in overtime, that’s why. So just tell me I’m wrong. Tell me PK deserved the penalty and maybe I’ll feel better.

But until then……..

This wasn’t a picture perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn’t the Mona Lisa or a Norman Rockwell magazine cover. More like me scribbling in my sleep. Players flopped around, fell about, had pucks go through their legs and forgot to bring it with them when they were supposed to.

Was the ice soft or is my players’ Thanksgiving Day turkey theory valid?

Carey Price was spectacular, stopping 41 shots in this more-than-depressing 4-3 overtime loss. Suddenly I’m not nervous about the goaltending anymore. Tomas Plekanec sparkled. Andrei Kostitsyn notched a beautiful goal nicely set up by Pleks.

Benoit Pouliot was…….How can I be polite? The puck didn’t go where he wanted it to go.

But in general, it was a sloppy and strange game that saw play far too often in Montreal’s end and a slew of penalties from both sides that certainly added to the sloppiness.

I’m just really interested what others have to say about this. It just seems like it slipped away and didn’t have to. Is the referee to blame? Or did the Habs simply shoot themselves in the foot?

Random Notes:

Captain Brian Gionta introduced the players at the centre ice circle in a nice, brief home opener ceremony.

Maxim Lapierre took a five minute major for driving the obnoxious Steve Downey into the boards. I don’t mind Downie getting pummelled like that. But only when the referee isn’t looking.

Lapierre also scored the Habs first goal. Plekanec had the second and Andrei Kostitsyn the third.

What a miserable ending. And Lightning coach Guy Boucher gets his much-desired win in Montreal. The whole thing sucks the big one.

Friday night in Buffalo. A nightmarish loss like tonight can very possibly affect the team’s performance in Buffalo. Or can they get mad, dig deep, put it aside and play better next game?

Shots on goal – Tampa 45, Habs 27

Man, this one hurt.

The Leafs beat Pittsburgh 4-3 tonight. Can anyone stop this juggernaut?

11 thoughts on “Oh No….Habs Home Opener Not So Great”

  1. I really want to believe that this team can be fun to watch but I think I’m just delusional. Pretty much the same as last year as far as being outshot and hoping for the goalies to bail them out. If it continues into the ten to fifteen game range I think that JM will be gone and Captain Kirk in charge. Wait maybe not after all cause I am delusional.

  2. @Don: Definitely, JM has to go. His system has been a disaster, except that the Habs went on a fluke playoff run and it bought him some undeserved grace; people never bothered to look at the games in detail and notice how badly the Habs got outplayed and how utterly lucky they were to accumulate that 9-10 record. Looks like this year it’s still the same team, with its crappy, lottery-quality five-on-five play saved by nova-hot goaltenders. I don’t think the roster is nearly as bad as The System ™ makes it look.

    Not sure Muller has the strategic chops that would be required to turn this team around though. The Habs need a really strong strategic coach that can devise a strong, puck-possession scheme for the team. Y’know, what I thought Martin would do when he was hired. Ironically, and sadly, Boucher looks like he’s capable of that. But he can’t be the only one.

  3. I’ve looked once, twice, thrice, and more and I still don’t see where the penalty is on that play with PK. Two minutes for breathing on a guy I guess?

    Also, Downie: it’s called karma.

  4. What the team has done or will do is wait till the list of coaches is even smaller than now. Add to that the french language issue and the list becomes even smaller. The real frustrating part both this year and last year is when I look at the roster I think wow thats a decent team on paper so how can they be so bad on the ice. So many games with the score making it look like a closely played contest but when you look at the shot totals it indicates that Montreal was outplayed. The defence has to get younger and someone has to get meaner but I think it’s mostly a coaching style that makes this team look so bad.

  5. I couldn’t find it either, 31. It’s pretty sad. And there was a TB non-call in OT before the goal was scored.

  6. It’s the players, too, Don. Martin, for all his shortcomings, can’t be on the ice. I’m not letting them off. I agree with you, on paper they’re a nice team.

  7. PK Subban didnt play a good game. On the one goal he made three blunders. I don’t know about everyone else but I think he’s high on the applause. He needs to focus on playing instead of hearing the crowd. His inexperience is showing. At the moment he’s a liability more than anything.

  8. Jacques Martin is an excellent pro coach that is actually suited to the Canadiens due to there lack of explosive scorers (Stamkos,St Loius,Lecavalier,Gagne).
    Montreal has small quick low scoring forwards and you need a strong defensive system backed by a stellar goalie which you had in Halak and “also” have in Price.. Last night Montreal had 44 shots against in their home opener which Price faced keeping Montreal in the game.

    The only way to get a Stamkos or Crosby super star is to tank out and hope to get a “1st” .. not a 2nd or 3rd or 4th pick. That means getting Lucky … It still means 5 years of rebuild. Would Montreal fans go for that …..NEVER

    Burke in Toronto was supposed to do it but chickened out with the trade for Kessel… Although Burke in my mind has made some good moves in Phaneuf and strengthening his 3rd and 4th lines with Brown,Zigmanos and Trent. Also signing MacArthur for the 2nd line looks like a gem (4 goals 1 Assist) so far. Forget Kessel ..he is one dementional but will get a good number of goals… Wilson benched him in favour of 4 liner Brown in the 3rd last night for a number of shifts.

    The Canadiens may have a gem in PK Subban … great raw talent.

    The Leaf juggernaut forges ahead to NYR and going 4-0 ..Oh my god

  9. Hi Leaf Fan in Ottawa. Habs fans don’t have the patience anymore for more rebuilding. We’re past that now. We want a great team and we want it now. Also, I admire Brian Burke in some ways except for his idea that Mike Komisarek is a premier defenceman in the league. I thought for years, since he was a bumbling Hab, that he’s a lousy defenceman who can’t pass properly, makes serious mistakes with the puck, and takes way too many bad penalties. For some reason Burke and his people decided Komisarek is a great player and I’ve never understood this.

  10. only a leaf fan would think jm is an “excellent pro coach”. yes, his system reeeeeeelly works, if you’re a (spits on the floor) leaf fan.

  11. Oh it looks like hobo is showing some nasty pent up anti Leaf Nation..

    I wonder what could the problem.. fear of the Leafs… how is that possible in Hab Land….

    TSN prediction Ottawa 7th

    Montreal 9th

    Toronto 13th

    The season is early ….

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