Oh, I Was So Much Older Then, I’m Younger Than That Now

That’s me on the right during some sort of minor hockey tournament. It represented the top goal scorers from atom, squirt, and peewee. I was the peewee. All I wanted to do was grow up and become a Montreal Canadien. I wanted to be like Ralph Backstrom. Instead, I grew up and became a factory worker, a semi truck driver, and a BC Ferries worker, among many others.



The bottom picture is of me and my buddies getting  pinned at a tournament. John French was our best player amd he went on to play junior with the Toronto Marlies, was drafted by Montreal and played for the Montreal Voyageurs, and then signed with the New England Whalers of the brand new World Hockey Association where he played along side Gordie Howe and ex-Orillian Rickie Ley. He later played with the Indianapolis Racers. Ron Clarke, on the left, got smashed so hard into the boards one night in Collingwood they had to remove a kidney.


8 thoughts on “Oh, I Was So Much Older Then, I’m Younger Than That Now”

  1. I regret not doing minor hockey at a young age. I wish my parents pushed me to do it. I only learnt how to stop two years ago. Now I’d say I’m pretty good, at least good enough to join for-fun leagues. Oh well, I can always become a stick boy

  2. When I buy the team, my main job will be stickboy. But when I’m taking days off, you can do it. You can’t become full-time stickboy until I retire.

  3. Then can I be one of those guys in Habs track suits that stand behind the backup goalie and never smile, even when the team scores, or wins. Actually, I might not be very good at not smiling. Maybe I could be the guy that wipes the player’s visors

  4. When I own the team, everyone must smile. If you don’t, you lose players, wives, girlfriends party access.

  5. Dennis, you might not have become a Montreal Canadien, but you got a lot closer than most. You were pinned with someone who was drafted by them and played with IMO the greatest goalie ever. The rest of us just make do holding the remote.

  6. Dennis (if wondering) the other two characters would appear to be Mike Hubbard in the centre and I believe that would be Danny Lutes on the left.

  7. Warren Howes. My goodness! Hi! Hope you’re well, and what about Wayne?
    Yes, that would be Danny Lutes and Mike Hubbard.
    So great to see a name from the past. Thanks for this.

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