Oh, I Get It!

Clarence Campbell suspended Mike Cammalleri.

No he didn’t, Colin Campbell suspended Maurice Richard.

No way. Clarence Campbell suspended Maurice Richard and Mike Cammalleri suspended Colin Campbell.

I thought Colin Campbell suspended Clarence Campbell.

Nope, Mike Cammalleri suspended Clarence Campbell.

Are you sure it wasn’t Maurice Richard suspending Colin Campbell.

Absoutely sure. It was Colin James suspending Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion and Maurice Chevalier suspending Noami Campbell.

Oh, I thought you said Mike Cammalleri lived in Campbell River.

Look, for gawd’s sakes, Colin Campbell suspended Mike Cammalleri.


3 thoughts on “Oh, I Get It!”

  1. Dennis,

    Cammy’s suspension triggered a flashback from grade four…

    Campbell’s soup
    Makes you poop
    Down your leg
    And in your boot
    Through the hall
    And out the door
    That’s what Campbell’s Soup is for.

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