8 thoughts on “Obama Gives His Lockout Opinion”

  1. He didn’t answer the question. Can he pull strings and force a settlement? Harper didn’t have any issues forcing Air Canada workers back to work. McGuinty forced teachers back to work and they weren’t even thinking of striking.

  2. This is the first president is recent memory that hasn’t been a total embarrassment. It is not his place to pull strings to make these greedy, spoiled idiots settle their differences. Comparing Air Canada workers and teachers to the NHL is an apples and oranges comparison. He totally answered the question unless you choose to believe the Fox news version.

  3. I agree with Obama that they *should* be able to figure it out and get it done. But here we are, almost end of October and still no hockey; all games through end of November have been cancelled.

    I think striking Air Canada workers and NHL lockout is fairly apples to apples comparison. It wasn’t Harper’s place to get involved in a private company labour negotiation of a non-essential service either. Given the choice of no NHL or no Air Canada, I prefer keeping the NHL.

    I agree that teachers and NHL aren’t a good comparison, but the teachers weren’t striking either.

    The point is politicians in power make lots of stupid and bad decisions. I would at least get something out of forcing a NHL/NHLPA settlement.

  4. Maybe Donald Trump could challenge the NHL/NHLPA to stop their charades by offering to donate millions to charity.

  5. Marjo, I read somewhere that Trump has 8 billion dollars. I like your idea. Use the charity route somehow. Millions to charity. If they say no it makes them look like terrible people, which they are but anyway.

  6. Christopher

    So if Harper does something “out of place” then it is all right for others to follow suit? I couldn’t give a shit about the NHL, Air Canada or the teachers. I don’t have a horse in this race and am therefore able to look this from a completely unbiased perspective. I do however sympathize with your hockey-less dilemma.

  7. Dennis, I’m surprised that the charity route has not been discussed as an option (at least from journalists, bloggers or Donald Trump).

    Helping inner city kids in the US buy a pair of skates or hockey stick…wasn’t Bettman all over their cause last year? How about invest the revue being fought over into enlarging the rinks to reduce concussions? Isn’t that a win-win for both parties?

    A chimp could think up many solutions to their greedy positions but in the end, we all know these guys want to fill their own pockets to spend on casinos and strippers.

  8. Marjo, probably charity is only for those not so greedy, which rules out the owners. I think it’s a lovely idea, though. The most important thing is, down the road, Bettman has to go. Fehr too. The sport needs leaders who are passionate hockey people, and two aren’t.

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