Number Four Of Cannonading Blasts Of Habs Blogs

This is the fourth installment of Habs blogs and although it’s the end of my list, I’m sure there’s many others I’m just not aware of. I’m asking for folks to please let me know either in the comments section or at of any others so I can read, enjoy, and create a part five from.

Jared, with a varied and impressive media background, gives us Oh Canadiens where he dissects the latest games in a clear and precise manner and it’s obvious he knows what he’s talking about. He did a nice job in pre-season and is now doing an equally nice job with his pre-game and post-game thoughts.

Swiss Habs Fans. It’s great to see the gang in Switzerland loving their Canadiens and posting Habsology for those who have a better handle on the German language than the rest of us. But even though you might not speak the language, you can still tell it’s a great site and I think the Canadiens should be proud of the fact that there are legions of passionate fans in Europe, and some are showing it with nice blogs. 

The Bad Habit is a site I didn’t know much about until recently. Stevo seems like a really interesting guy with definite thoughts about his Habs including the list he writes of those in his bad books (not mentioning any names, Benoit Pouliot and Jack Todd). He’s also really hard on the Leafs which gives him bonus points. His site is really attractive (from WordPress), and I think he’s got a great blog that just needs to be seen by more of us.

Habby’s Habulous is precise, to the point, and fun as she goes about her business of being a passionate Habs fan and putting it out in fine style for us to see. And like other female Habs bloggers, she’s smart and interesting to read. Habby doesn’t post on a daily basis but when she does she’s great and I’m sure many others think so too. 

Grrrreg (his spelling) in Paris is behind the workings of The Soft European, and it’s a beautiful thing to see what has happened here. Grrrreg spent a year in Montreal in 2003 as an exchange student and grew to love the Habs at this time. Now, from France, he provides an excellent, insightful look at the Canadiens and is always a great read. I hope he doesn’t get embarrassed if I say it’s obvious this is a very intelligent guy.

Tyger By The Tail, created by the terrific Roz, is often simply tales of her crazy life in Nova Scotia. She weaves her way through situations that tickle the funny bone, and it’s a good thing her co-workers and others have a sense of humour. But why is she listed on a Habs blog list? Because the team is never that far away and Habs stories are sprinkled throughout. She really gets into this aspect of her life at Kamal Panesar’s Habs Addict where she does her thing in the Addict’s Alley section. 

Women On The Ledge  was sent to me by Danno after the great Saint Andrei Kostitsyn photo appeared. This is a beauty of a site that also, like Moey, gives us glimpses of life at home. There seems to be a blog connection to Four Habs Fans with this lady but I really can’t be more specific because I don’t know. Her photos are sensational.

Yves at Yves On Habs is someone I feel I’d be great friends with if I lived in the Montreal area. He seems like a really nice fellow, is a drummer and family man, and last but not least a huge Habs fan who doesn’t post on a regular basis but when he does his affection and knowledge of the team comes out in spades.

10 thoughts on “Number Four Of Cannonading Blasts Of Habs Blogs”

  1. Wow Dennis, as I replied below when you mentioned me during your blast, I’m totally honored and completely blown away. I don’t know what to say except a sincere and heartfelt thanks. Coming from you this is just an amazing amount of praise.

    Definitely gonna have to check out some of these other sites. If they’re good enough to catch your eye, I need to be reading them.

    You totally rock Dennis!

  2. Thanks, Tyg. You deserve any praise that comes your way. And imagine how much fun it’s going to be when the Habs go all the way and we get to write about it?

  3. Hey! Thank you so much for including me in this list and for this very flattering description! You made me blush… 😉
    I’ll definitely check some of the other sites you mentioned. It’s fun to see that the habs blogosphere is so lively.

  4. Hi Grrrreg. You’re welcome. And stay away from those protests going on there now.
    I think we’re going to clobber New Jersey tomorrow. It’s my power of positive thinking. Go Habs!

  5. Call me a little slow for only noticing this now but thank you kindly for the link and kind words! I’ve totally changed the layout and posted a very much overdue blog a few days ago.
    Dennis, i don’t read your blog as often as i’d like but i do regularly come around. I must say, nobody has a better blog tag line then you. It’s gold! 🙂
    Thanks again!

  6. I’m not sure why I’m seeing this only now but wow. Thank you. Very much appreciated. And the reason why I’m connected with Four Habs Fans is because I do all of the photoshops over there. More life at home on my blog and the hockey stays at FHF. Well, the NHL hockey anyway. Rink in the backyard is up and running so kids hockey will be blogged I’m sure.

    Thanks again

  7. You’re welcome, Golden Girl. Danno turned me on to your site and I knew you were doing creations for Four Habs Fans. I also saw a while back about your kids and the outdoor rink. Loved it.

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