Number 7 On Fire

Everyone thought the play had stopped, including the goalie, and I bulged the twine when no one was looking. The tying goal, and then my teammate won it with just seconds left.

And you thought the NHL playoffs were dramatic.

I also scored an earlier goal on a breakaway that the goalie stopped but somehow threw in his own net.

Regardless, the First Annual Classic Challenge is in the books, our team won and we get a day off with pay, and Luci said my skating was good but just slightly slower than a turtle.

But in five months I’ll be 64 years old, by far the oldest player on the ice, and I feel it’s an excellent excuse. And add to that excellent excuse the fact that until today, I hadn’t played a game of hockey in years.

I’m number 7 in white if you’re interested.


23 thoughts on “Number 7 On Fire”

  1. Haha! That’s great, looks like you guys had fun! I love that tiny little guy on your team. Congrats on the win!

  2. Thanks Marjo. It was so much fun. My shot is gone, my skating is rusty, my timing is terrible. But so much fun.

  3. Dennis and Mike,

    That clip is pure magic.

    It makes my heart soar like a Bristle-thighed Curlew! 😆

  4. Marjo, I looked at the video again of me playing and now I feel I should be in the NHL and then in a few years the Hall of Fame.

  5. Dennis,

    Where’s all the NAG we soft, milk and toast Europeans hear so much about?

    That team is not aggressive enough on the forecheck. Indeed I’ve summoned more aggression writing a cheque. It certainly needs more size, (yes it’s tough on little Desharnais Jnr there but this is hockey), and I’m disappointed no-one dropped the gloves. Yes I know it was a “friendly game” game but that didn’t stop the Fire and Police Departments in New York.

    I assume Classic video 2 is missing because it features you giving someone a Lucic in the family jewels and is currently in the hands of the local prosecutor.

    Great stuff though. And congratulations on a famous victory.

  6. Thank you, Donal. I’m almost recovered and I feel it’s only a matter of weeks before I’m back to normal. Luci said I was like a turtle but I don’t understand. I’ve studied the video and I’m flying out there. Maybe she thought I was somebody else. And yes, the Classic 2 video was deleted because of its violent nature. Youtube was afraid children might see it.

  7. I was worried about the wives, Christopher. It’s why I didn’t play very well. Couldn’t concentrate.

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