Now That’s a Parade

You want a hot, summer day, off work or school, and even though you might not live in Montreal, you’re there for The Parade. Everyone’s there. Habs fans from near and far.

The Parade. I’d give my right arm to be at the next one. In fact, I’m saying I’ll be there when they win the next one.

The photo above is from the summer of 1986, after the Canadiens had won their 23rd Stanley Cup.

Now that’s a parade.

7 thoughts on “Now That’s a Parade”

  1. That was after only seven years of waiting, I can’t wait to see what it will be like next spring when we win it again after twenty years of waiting. Now if only Buttman will stop being an ass and sign a CBA to ensure that the season occurs.

  2. I will be there for the next parade. You can sit on my shoulders if you want Dennis. You’ll see over everyone without a problem!

    I think we’re probably about 2-3 years away from the Cup but I hope I’m wrong and it’s us winning it next June. I want my Stanley Cup merchandise, I can just see that beautiful blu-ray edition of the Habs Road To The Cup and I can’t wait to watch it.

    I’ve got the tv and audio set-up to enjoy it perfectly. They’re calling out for it.

  3. Darth, what, do you think I’m a leprechaun or something? I’m 5’9, which is taller than lots of NHLers. I think our road to the Cup depends on making a trade in the next month. We have too many bodies, and we’re shy a couple of impact players, at least up front and one on the blueline. But wait……I forgot we have Gomez. He should be enough to put us over the top, as long as he promises he’ll have a good season!

  4. Dennis, I’m 6’7″. Everyone else is a leprechaun to me. 🙂

    Yeah, I’m sure Gomez will bring 100 goals and 100 assists this season like he did on my game last year. The guy actually led the league with assists – 125 or something? I am sure he’ll do that this year.

  5. Darth, 6’7. Wow. You could get a job washing skyscrapers. You could be like Jimi Hendrix and kiss the sky. And Gomez? He’d better be gone within the next month or I’m pissed.

  6. I think they’re waiting for the CBA. That will decide our best friend’s fate on the team. The day he goes Dennis, I am having one hell of a drink and I hope you do too!

  7. You bet, Darth. It’ll be time to celebrate. Too bad we couldn’t hoist one together. I’m still pissed at Gainey.

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