Now It’s Subban And Money

It’s just so great that with the lockout ending, we no longer have to hear and read about million dollar differences and rich people disagreeing with rich people. I’m just glad it’s over.

Oh wait a minute. It’s not.

P.K. Subban hasn’t signed with the Habs yet, and reading Dave Stubb’s piece in the Gazette – Subban’s Future in Doubt I see that there’s a chance that P.K. won’t sign and could be in a different uniform in the near future.

Subban told the Gazette:“I should know pretty quickly if the (contract) numbers are suitable for myself and my agent, or maybe they slow things down a little bit. The ball’s not in my court, it never has been. It’s in the court of the franchise that’s been standing for 100-plus years. They’ve got to figure out whether they see me as a player who’s a part of their future or not. I hope they do.”

Expletive deleted inserted here. I love Subban’s big talent, and he needs a healthy raise from his now-ended $875,000 a year deal, but he says “the ball’s not in my court.” I hate that. It is so in his court. He’s going to be offered several million, and in a  few years if he becomes what he could become, he’ll get a whole bunch more millions. He can say, yes, I’ll take that offer, which means the ball is in his court.

He and agent Don Meehan have decided on some sort of nice round figure, and if it’s not met or close, that’s it. Who says their number is the right number? Maybe it’s way too high and Marc Bergevin won’t pay it because Bergevin’s no dummy. So Subban goes. It wasn’t about the city that he says he loves so much, or the sweater which should mean everything. It was about the team not meeting what Subban thinks he’s worth. Everybody thinks they’re worth plenty. I think I should be paid a hundred bucks an hour. But reality can be a slapshot in the face.

“I should know pretty quickly if the numbers are suitable for myself and my agent.”

I hate that too. I hate that word “suitable.” It sounds arrogant to me. What’s he want – four million a year? More? Does he want a long-term deal like the six-year, 4.5 million per year extension Max Pacioretty signed for? Maybe Bergevin feels PK hasn’t matured enough for such a commitment. Maybe, when the pros and cons are weighed, the jury’s still out.

Or does P.K. want to be close to Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson, who signed a seven-year, 45.5 million dollar deal last year. They’re both great young defencemen with one tiny difference. Karlsson won the Norris Trophy last season.

Please take a fine and fair offer and stay with the club, P.K. You’re an important guy, we like you, we love watching you, love your big shot from the point and the way you dash up ice. Of course we want you to stay. Surely somewhere between what you want and what they want can be agreed on and you stay a Hab for many years.

This whole money/hockey thing is wearing mighty thin. Like so many others, I’m just plain sick of it.


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  1. I think this goes down to the wire, just because Subban and Drew Doughty share the same agent, Don Meehan. Doughty held out of most of the Kings training camp angling for a 7M-per deal, which he got.

    Meehan is a noted shark, but I don’t think I’ve read anything of one of his clients holding out when games were to be played. He’s been playing hardball with MB all summer but Subban needs to play. We’ll see a deal done and I expect it to be in the 4-5M range, possibly higher depending upon if MB tries to buy Free agency years.

  2. Thanks Robert. I hope you’re right. Sure don’t want to lose PK. Maybe it’s because of my age but money talks beat me down. I have to adjust my thinking and accept that this is what pro sports is now. We just need PK. Montreal needs big stars and he could be one. I expect him to be, we all do, and take front and centre.

  3. Subban will be signed – they’ll lose one hell of a cash cow if they don’t. Subban merchandise sells like crazy here.

    Since the two-buyout option falls into place next season they’ll free up some cash so it should work out ok. I think they can’t sign anything until the CBA is completely done anyways.

    If he doesn’t come back, well, it was nice knowing you PK.

    I love how you hear players talking about love of their teams/cities but when the money comes up, it’s bye bye.

    So much for New Jersey eh Parise?

  4. PK is an exciting player and he’s a fan favourite.

    That means he can command a good salary.

    But the sky’s not the limit. It will be up to Bergevin to determine if he can make a deal that is fair for both PK and the Habs. If that’s not possible he will have to do his best to get something really good in exchange for him from another team.

    I hope they settle though. I’d hate to see him on certain other teams.

  5. Danno, I sure hope they get it done too. Montreal needs big stars, and PK is on the cusp. But if we lose him, I sure hope someone great comes our way.

  6. Danno, the real title is “field hockey” and it’s played mostly by the British. Question answered?

  7. Darth, Parise is a good example. Is there a player on the Habs who dreamed of the day he’d wear the sweater, his dream came true, and would even stay at his same pay rate to stay in Montreal?

  8. DK, yes I’m glad the lockout’s over, but I’m sick to death listening to these prima donnas go on & on how both sides are so greedy. No one put a gun to the heads of Minnesota’s brass when they inked their pre lockout contracts. Yet they want us to swallow that they are in dire straights money wise!
    I’m not one to always agree with the *Don* but I think Subban’s been reading too many press clippings. Get a grip shithead, if I was offered 3.5 mil per season after only two full seasons in the show, I’d take the money. Then prove just what I’m really worth!! I’ve said before many an agent has F–Ked with their client’s heads to the client’s detriment!
    PK, wake up and talk to your bud Price, he took a low ball and reaped the rewards on the next contract, whatever you think no one can’t be replaced. Man if my company offered me 3.5 for my last year in the Elevator trade I’d think, man I’m set for life!!!
    Les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  9. Before signing Subban to a multi-year contract, the Canadiens have to free up some cap space. I think we’re fine for this upcoming half-season, but really screwed for next season. The obvious solution is to buy-out Gomez now and if Bergevin really wants to clean the Gainey/Gauthier mess, Kaberle and Bourque too. But likely he’ll give those two one more chance.

  10. Pk Suban family lives in Rexdale on. 20 min. Drive to ACC worked at sports net on. (Toronto) Don Meehan (agent) Toronto was seen this afternoon working out with the leafs.could it be?

  11. Hockey fan, if it was a trade, I don’t think Toronto has anyone we’d want. At least off hand I can’t think of anybody. Maybe their first round draft pick from last June, forget his name, Rielly? and someone else. That would suck, PK in Toronto. Geez.

  12. I’m with you, Mike. And I really don’t like those PK quotes in the article, about how the ball’s never been in his court etc. I think it is. Sometimes this money thing drives me crazy. Pro sports is a circus.

  13. Christopher, it’s going to be a sad sight to see Gomez getting regular minutes once again. I don’t know if I can handle it. My stomach gets tied up in knots just thinking about it.

  14. I think the Price analogy is perfect, he needs to really prove his worth and attitude before signing the big contract. But that contract reference may be part of the problem. Two years ago Price signed for two years at $5.5M total and from my understanding that’s exactly what Subban was offered. Price took that offer after being dropped to the #2 goalie behind Halak, meanwhile Subban has been our top scoring defenceman the past two years.

    I’m usually cheap with salaries and I think PK should get up to a 3 year deal, at around $3.5M per year, definitely under $4.0M. The real craziness starts if some team makes him an RFA offer like Philadelphia did to Weber in Nashville. It won’t be Burke in Toronto, he’s very much against such offer sheets.

  15. According to Darren Dreger on the radio this morning, his sources tell him that PK wants a Drew Doughty-type of deal. We may be saying bye bye to him.

  16. Your favourite Leaf fan returns Habby Fans…..

    Ok what is the true inside story on Subban….Would it be that his big persona would engulf the Habs dressing room….I have a suspicion Hab management may be worried about this….

    Also Subban on my Leafs would make an already nutty Leaf Nation soap opera in T.O be even nuttier with PK’s giant persona…

    Toronto’s 1st pick last summer was rushing defenceman Morgan Rielly…remember Burkie saying the Leafs got the best player in the draft one spot after the Habs picked the player Burkie really wanted in Alex G….

    Maybe PK for Kadri….please

  17. Hi Leaf Fan, good to see you back. I’m hoping to hear an announcement soon that PK has signed with the Habs. If he went somewhere else, he’d automatically be on my hit list a la Gomez and Marchand. But having said that, I love the guy and he’d better stay. He’s going to be a great one. I too wonder what he’s like in the room. I wonder if he’s popular or not.

  18. Darth, the only way I’d be fine with him leaving is if we got a budding superstar in return. If we lose out on the deal, like the Patrick Toy trade, it’s a sad day in Habsland. But I’m still confident he’ll sign.

  19. I have a good feeling PK will be wearing our sweater. There arean’t anymore stupid people in Montreal to believe otherwise. I have a good feeling about this year. We do have better management and there won’t be anymore goofiness and desparation. For a while anyways. I think we havepaidour dues. I predict we’ll make the playoffs. Not saying we’ll go far but you never know. Being Gainey-less and Gauthier-less is good for at least another 10 points in this shortened season and then anything can happen in the playoffs.

  20. Mayo, if we can get a few of our no-shows to contribute it would help. Getting the power play on track would too. I don’t know what to predict. Last year I thought they’d be good and look what happened. They sucked. So now I’m gun shy. I just hope they can make a big dent.

  21. Being Martin-less should add a few more points. It will definitely mean fewer too-many men penalties.

  22. I think my understanding of the new buy out rules were wrong. On further reading, I don’t think we can buy out Gomez until next summer. And as is, we don’t have any cap space for next season to sign Subban to a multi-year contract. So I think we can only expect a one year deal for Subban or a trade (not necessarily Subban).

  23. C Cordahi…that is the fear I also have …Kadri is no more than a quick little AHL star

    Hey …January 19th ….Leafs at Habs Opener …….Start the engines

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