Notice Anything Unusual?

I found this little curiosity in an old Ottawa Citizen and the question was – why was one photo doctored?

Rocket’s 600th goal was scored on Nov. 26, 1958, against the New York Rangers, while his 626th, his final goal, was scored on April 12, 1960 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. No one knew his 626th would be his final goal until the following September during training camp, so 626 wouldn’t become a milestone until he retired that following fall.

So the photo showing 600 goals is probably the real thing. Unless someone had a crystal ball.

8 thoughts on “Notice Anything Unusual?”

  1. I just saw that 626 photo! I swear it’s in the inside cover of the Canadiens 100 Years boxed set DVD case, but I’m at work and unable to verify. Any of you have the set to confirm?

  2. It was probably doctored to sell a point but still – it does make you wonder.

    The 600 one is the real one. In the 626 one you can tell it is doctored because of the tape on the stick. In the 600 one you can see the strips of tape as they are but in the 626 one they airbrushed them a bit.

  3. Bryan, I checked my set and you are correct. It’s at the top left hand corner when you open it up. You have to look close but it’s there! It’s the sleeves holding the precious DVD’s.

  4. What’s really odd is that the photo with the 626 is on the Canadien’s website. There’s also a similar but definitely different original photo with 600.
    626 is the 6th photo and gives no information
    600 is the 5th to last photo and gives AP credit

    Looking through the AP images I found their copy of the photo with 600

    I looked around web for more info about the 626 photo. According to a Robert Lefebvre post from Eyes On The Prize, it’s in the Hockey Hall Of Fame publication “Honoured Canadiens”.

    He also used it in a later post

    Last night I also found another photo taken at the same time, but I can’t find it today.

  5. I own the original photo of this moment and I can confirm that the real thing is for goal 600. It has an Associated Press Wirephoto stamp on the back. It indicates the photo was taken Nov 27, 1958 and shows stamps of several publication dates such as Dec 4, 1958 and a few in 1960 and 1961.

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