Nothing To Add

There’s nothing I can say or add to what’s already been said everywhere regarding the Habs-Bruins game tonight. We know it’s a big game for both, we know the Bruins will be degenerate sloths, and we know Carey Price needs to be sharp.

And I don’t wish serious injury to any of the Bruins. Just several days in a hospital, maybe the odd puck to the teeth and a few skate blades to the nether regions.

All I’ll say is that I despise the Bruins as much as anyone on the planet and it’s been that way for a long, long time.

Their fanbase leaves much to be desired too, and in racking my brain, I can come up with just three Bruins fans I consider decent people, – Diane in Boston, Roger in Ottawa, and my next door neighbour in Orillia when I was a kid. The rest look and act like the general population at San Quentin.

Charles Manson is probably a Bruins fan.

There was that guy last week behind the Jets bench in Winnipeg shown on the news, wearing a Bruins jersey and hurling obscenities at Jets coach Claude Noel, and the Bruins weren’t even playing. There was the crowd of Bruins fans surrounding a young Montreal fan in the washroom in Boston a few years ago while he was trying to pee. And on and on and on.

All one has to do is type “Bruins fans” on YouTube” and you get a clear picture that many of these folks are missing key genes.

6 thoughts on “Nothing To Add”

  1. It’s yet another epic battle of good against evil and class against vulgarity, we wait in anticipation as the puck drops and the war begins.

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