Nothing Like A Good Mask To Stop Pucks


Yes I know, you’ve probably seen this picture before. But I thought, hey, what the heck, I’m not going to get run over by a bus or have a curse inflicted upon me if I show it. So I’m showing it.

With all the talk about Jacques Plante and him finally putting the mask on after taking an Andy Bathgate puck in the face, there had already been a mask-wearing goalie in the NHL. His name was Clint Benedict, and he also taken a puck in the face, his from Howie Morenz in 1930. Benedict, who played for the Montreal Maroons, had his nose broken and he donned this leather beauty for five games, the last of which he also took a puck square on the mask that was suppose to protect him, and his NHL career was ended.

If these two goalies, Plante and Benedict, would’ve been hit in the face by a shot from me, they probably wouldn’t have felt it and probably would never have bothered with any kind of face protection.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Mask To Stop Pucks”

  1. Thanks for this Dennis.

    The Montreal Maroons were a great team and won the Stanley Cup twice. If you count all the Stanley Cups won by Montreal – including the early teams which preceded the Canadiens the total is impressive.

    Please do not show this to any of your Leaf fans…
    1 How many Stanley Cups has Montreal won?

    Montreal has won 41 Stanley Cups in 110 years.
    The Montreal Canadiens have won 24 Stanley Cups. Of those Cups, 23 were won in the NHL and one Cup was won in 1916, prior to the formation of the NHL in 1917. Other Montreal-based teams have won at least 17 Stanley Cups.*

    Montreal Canadiens 24
    Montreal Victorias 5
    Montreal Wanderers 4
    Montreal A.A.A. 4
    Montreal Maroons 2
    Montreal Shamrocks 2

    *This does not includes many more Stanley Cup victories by Montreal teams during the Challenge Cup era, where the Cup was awarded on an interim basis several times a year


  2. hey dennis;i take it then that the shots you take in print are harder and tougher to block then the ones you took on the ice

  3. Hah! Good one, Derry. It’s true. But I didn’t have the worst shot on the team. But far from the best. I’m still working on it and by the time I’m 89, I’ll be really ripping them.

  4. hey Dennis;By the time your 89 the only thing worth ripping is the pamper off your body after you have done with it

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