4 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Knuckle Sandwich”

  1. Awww… I got my hopes up when I saw the words Jacques Martin and fight in the tags, but sadly it wasn’t a clip of him being repeatedly punched in the face by the Halloween goon squad. I think we should definitely see about filming something along those lines though, Dennis. Heck, I bet Carcillo would do it for free!

    Then again, that might expose me to the risk of being grateful to him, and from there I might risk liking the guy at which point I’d have to commit suicide and miss ever seeing my beloved Habs again. I guess I can’t take that chance after all.

  2. Tyg, you never know – you may end up being a huge Martin fan after he makes some magical and strategical on-ice moves that leads the team to the promised land. But when I own the team, his chances are slim that I’ll retain him. But I’ll forgive him if the team wins the Cup and hopefully you will too. PS. Are you enjoying your Sunday?

  3. If he does indeed lead the team to the promised land with the Cup, then I’ll forgive him too. I’ll still want you to fire him tho, just because his ears and complete lack of personality annoy me, and it’s always about what I want with me.

    Dennis, I’ve made it out of bed and am sucking back some hot tea, so I suppose that’s more enjoyment than I was getting earlier. Never trust the Italians, especially the wine makers. I’ll make an exception for Cammalleri tho, but not for myself or my family who I also blame for last night’s excess.

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