Nothing Like A Good Bar

What most Americans call ‘candy bars’, Canadians call ‘chocolate bars’. I’ve never understood the candy bar handle, but whatever. I’m addicted to all chocolate bars except the vile coconut ones.

Below is my mini chocolate bar collection, which I’ve kept either in freezers or boxes over the years, and which I won’t be eating anytime soon.

The iconic Reggie (Jackson) Bar from 1978, which seems to be worth about $40 nowadays.
Ken Griffey Jr. bar from 1989, worth about $20 now. Apparently, Griffey was allergic to these.
Knebworth ’90 bar, from the English concert that featured the likes of Clapton, Pink Floyd, McCartney, Elton John, Dire Straits, and a whack of others. I think one of my brothers gave me this.
And the Mario (Lemieux) bar from about 1993. I have a box of these, 50 in all.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Bar”

  1. Over the years, probably more like on chocolate bars, Ron. I became an addict when I had my paper route! I don’t think I could withstand the withdrawal.

  2. A household of Canadiens and hockey memorabilia makes perfect sense. A collection of chocolate bar wrappers, OK. But wrappers with real chocolate inside? I don’t know how you can resist them. I wouldn’t be able to sit and watch a hockey game with them calling out to me. Does chocolate go bad? My philosophy is that I don’t feel sick smelling it, I won’t get sick eating it.

  3. Christopher, I don’t know if chocolate goes bad. I just assumed it did, like cheese or broccoli. I’d hate for my obituary to read “died from eating a Reggie Bar”.

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