Nothing Like A Good Ad To Get You Through Your Day

I came home from school at noon, put on my good grey pants I always wore to church, and my dad and I climbed in our car and drove the hour and a half to Toronto. It was Wednesday, March 11, 1959, and we were going to see the mighty Montreal Canadiens play the Toronto Maple Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens. He and I did this a couple of times in those days.

I’ve always kept the program from this particular night and here’s some good old ads spread throughout it. Because there’s nothing like a good old ad. Right?

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5 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Ad To Get You Through Your Day”

  1. Dennis, I’m impressed with the amount of the Habs memorabilia you have. I’m a lousy fan, I have a piggy bank with a CH logo and a flag. How lame is that?

  2. Moey, I’m just a packrat, that’s all. And I don’t have a piggy bank. And Moey, did you get a chance to read my Atlantic City post?

  3. Yes I read that post, pretty cool! You gotta love the music from the sixties and seventies. It’s timeless.

    On another note, I have a problem loading videos on Blogger, I have yet to be successful. It’s frustrating because there is some good stuff out there. I have a tiny laptop, maybe it’s not powerful enough.

  4. Loved this post. Thanks for taking the time to scan these. They’re hilarious. Especially the insurance scare tactic method.

  5. Thanks. I love old ads. And in old hockey programs you get the combination ad and hockey player.

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