Not That Many Had Sex During The Big Game

Eighteen million Canadians watched the Olympic gold medal game on Sunday.

That left one million who were so drunk they forgot they watched it, one million who protested the Olympics and decided to drink beer in bars that coincidently had the game on, two million who napped but somehow kept one eye open, 27 employees of the Russian Embassy who all of a sudden hate the Olympics, one million who were having sex but only half of whom actually wanted to have sex, and approximately twelve million who were busy reading this blog instead.

6 thoughts on “Not That Many Had Sex During The Big Game”

  1. Dennis, you also have to take into account the number of people who had sex while watching the game…

  2. Keep those dreams alive Dennis……I for one participated in most of your mentioned activities….except the bar/sex festivities….the drunkeness….the Russian part and the protesting bits.

  3. That’s why Canadians fuck doggy style: so we can both watch the game.
    But seriously, my 20-month-old was teething like crazy on Sunday, so I spent most of the day trying to console him, carrying him back between the living room and the kitchen, tending to the lasagna sauce.
    He finally settled down toward the end of the third period and fell asleep on me during OT. For the life of me, I don’t remember Henderson’s goal in ’72 (I do remember Esposito biatching for the treatment they were being given for losing, however), but I’m pretty sure I’ll remember this goal for a long time.

  4. I knew it would come to this – no pun intended. Since Canadians are so good at multitasking – as Michel pointed out – can Dennis do the research and find out how many babies were born from the Paul Henderson, Mario Lemieux and (nine months from now) from the Sidney Crosby goals?

  5. Danno, I’ve been hard at work trying to find this and so far, here’s what I have. In 1972 there were 347,319 births. In 1973, it went down to 343,319.
    This tells me that people were too busy watching the Summit Series to have sex. This also tells me that if they want to curb the population growth in China and India, they need a good hockey team which goes to the big game.

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