Not Quite For Canadiens

It was 30 seconds of classic P.K. Subban in overtime as he swooped in with the puck and circled back and and fooled oncoming Nashville checkers.

But shortly after, our man would whiff on the puck at the blueline, trip Preds forward Filip Forsberg as he dashed through, and with PK paying for his sins in the box, this same Forsberg would bulge the twine, giving the hometown Nashville Predators a 3-2 win over the Canadiens.

It’s a point, though. And the team played reasonably well, particularly Alex Galchenyuk, P.A. Parenteau, DD, and of course Carey Price.

So all’s well,  and the team now sits with 100 points, which is what the previous year’s team collected after the full 82-game season,  with this these guys still having 8 games left to play.

Nashville scored the lone goal of the first period when Mattias Ekhorn outraced not one, not two, but three Habs in the process (Markov, Pleks, and PK). But early in the second, at 2:28, Brendan Gallagher would fire one home to tie things.

Later on, nice work from P.A. Parenteau to DD put the team ahead and things were looking just fine.

But a bad bounce in the third period that went offJeff Petry tied the game at two, and then in overtime, P.K. did his brilliant to not-so-brilliant flurry that finished with Nashville sealing it.

Random Notes:

The Preds outshot Montreal 31-29.

Alex Galchenyuk had a great chance to score his 20th and ice it with just over two minutes remaining, but couldn’t bury the old biscuit.

Nice to see two elite goaltenders going head to head – Pekka Rinne and our man Price. Both were solid, as expected.

Has there ever been a time this year when the puck went from PK to DD to PA to DLR to DSP?

Next up – the boys head to Manitoba to tackle the Jets on Thursday night.

10 thoughts on “Not Quite For Canadiens”

  1. Still disapointed and sad the referees are not being fair to the Habs when they play in the US . Hope the speed we execute every single night and the obstruction and interference other trams use to stop us will eventually be dealt with accordingly. Go Habs Go !

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on Sekac…doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of ice time. I think even a healthy scratch once. On the flip side, watched L’Antichambre and they like what Pelly’s doing.

  3. Well I see PK made another of his bone head moves & it cost us 2 pts. I know most times he pulls it off but when it goes wrong it Really goes wrong! Hey Marjo how’s your Dad doing & did your son win his regional game? Hope all’s well.

  4. He’s still in the hospital recuperating — I’m here now. Hopefully out tomorrow. Thanks for asking, Mike! My son and his team have won the Easter division, let’s say, and play the West on Saturday. If they win that, they go somewhere very far to play for the Dodge Cup! Very tense!

    Hey I have a bone to pick. There was a great French article on Patches this past week about his heritage, his faith, his leadership and want to be a great role model for the young. Why the heck is he tooting MacDonalds now and selling a 1200 calory burger made of crap?!

  5. Yes, why is Max doing the burger thing? Encouraging young people to eat this crap and gain 50 pounds over the next year. Good point Marjo.

  6. They played fairly well too, Mike. But Pk let the puck get by him and had to trip the guy up to stop the sure breakaway. Would’ve been nice to win this.

  7. Well all the very best to your Dad but I won’t wish your Son good luck, old habit from when I played, superstitions die hard all I wanted to hear was play your best! Glad to hear things are good Marjo, and I agree about the Mickey D’s.

  8. Danno, I was surprised that their names were still on the Cup. I thought their bands were retired long ago. Nowadays they allow over 50 names per year.

    The ’67 Leaf win will still be on the Cup until finally removed in 2030 by which time they will have given us 63 years of Laffs.

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