Not Quite A Goaltenders Dual

7-6. Really?

We watched the Habs and Pens at the bar at the Shark Club on Georgia St. in Vancouver until just four minutes left in the third period, when it was time to run across the street and pick up our tickets for the Canucks-Kings match, which had been given to us gratis, compliments of Scotiabank. At that time the score in Montreal was tied at six, but we had to go. We’d come all the way down the coast, and we couldn’t risk the pick-up window closing.

The Kings and Canucks skated to and from, but it’s amazing when there’s no emotional investment in either team. We didn’t care who won. All we cared about was how the Habs ended up. And unlike those days when the Habs are in Vancouver and the Shark Club and Rogers Arena are full of folks wearing the CH, almost no L.A. Kings’ fans were to be seen. Just a slight sprinkling here and there. I guess Kings fans don’t travel.

Night and day compared to when the Canadiens are in town.

The scoreboard showed the out-of-town scores often, and whenever they got to the Montreal game, the score was shown as blank. Faulty wiring or something. So it wasn’t until midway through the second period before I asked the guy behind me if he could use his phone and get me the score. And it was then we learned it ended as 7-6 Pittsburgh in overtime.

I’m thinking about starting litigation against the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena for lack of Habs game information causing undue stress and worry. Every score but the most important came up time after time. It was almost as if the guy working the scoreboard was doing it on purpose.

7-6. What the hell was that? Carey Price’s goals-against average takes a beating and he deserves it. It was a stinker to forget. The team finally gives him six goals and it’s not enough. And there’s no time to dwell on it because it’s on to Boston before the equipment has time to dry.

I’m sorry. I really need to get to bed. I’m beat, and I’m probably older than you.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot the Pens 39-36

Goals scorers for Montreal – Brandon Prust, Max, P.K., D.D., and two from Brian Gionta.

Seven goals allowed by Price and the team in front of him. But at least it’s a point.

In the game we were at, the Canucks handed the Kings a 5-2 loss.

Again, I’m sorry. I need my bed.


5 thoughts on “Not Quite A Goaltenders Dual”

  1. The loss hurts. In many ways!!There was some good-ole-time hockey—skating,passing,saves by both goalies, more shots, more goals,Price taps Markov for HIS save–THAT was close–etc. etc. Then the boom came down!!!You could tell Carey was ticked off too. I care less about first place. I,ll take some losses now if there’s something they can glean from it. This is a prep time for THE BIG SHOW ’cause WE ONLY HANG CUP BANNERS FROM THE BELL CENTRE. So it’s off to Beantown. See how they match or OUT match Julien’s boys. Sooner lose to Pens than Bruins. Because Pens play more Habs style than Bruins. Heard/read lots of comments on Habs– Bergevine, Coach Thornbush,supporting staff, dressing room attitude and realize how we lived in the past TOO LONG!!!!!It don’t win games.Not ALL great players make good coaches, managers etc. I’m hoping these boys [& those in near future] gives us & our kids something too rave about!! Yes, I get goose bumps when THE OLE BOYS get their standing ovation!!! BUT I wanna see the past AND present boys at centre ice with the trophy. and the rafters can rattle, the torch be passed and the transition complete!! My expectations are high ’cause I’m a HABS FAN. Sorry to keep you so long.

  2. P. S. Was Mike Cammeleri onto something last year? saying there was a losing attitude in the dressing room. Wonder how he’d do here now.

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