Not Enough Yellow Lines

It’s tremendously complex and scientific, way beyond the realm of what professional statisticians would even think of attempting, and I wouldn’t show just anybody. But because you’re so darn nice, I thought I’d finally reveal my secret and let you in on how I track the Habs.

It’s a strict formula involving an in-depth program I like to call “a yellow line means a win and no yellow line means a loss.” As you can see, the yellow lines have a lot of non-yellow lines between them.

Yes, I know it’s a complicated way of doing things, but that’s me – Mr. Complication.

10 thoughts on “Not Enough Yellow Lines”

  1. We definitely need a little more sunshine on that page! Did you check out Boston? They’re sick. Shut outs everywhere to boot.

    I still believe we can. I still do.

  2. I believe too, Marjo. But there needs to be a streak. A big pile of yellow lines, and it’s possible. I believe.

  3. Hey Dennis, A great way of accounting for wins and losses,I was wondering though,if you had the Canadiens playing the mselves ,would that be a yellow line or just blank?I think that might be a hard one cause they keep beating up on themselves.

  4. Wow Dennis, that is so complex I can’t take it. It’s too much for me. 🙂

    What gets me sick is that the Bruins seem to be invincible now and they look like they are right in their own little dynasty mode now. So for the next few years we better be ready to accept another Bruins Cup win (or two or three).

    I hope we make it to the playoffs and eliminate them. We need to take out the bad guys!

  5. Darth, yes it’s complex but that the way it has to be. When I’m owner/stick boy, I think I also might be the stats guy.

  6. Good to see no funny business for (Hobo’s trademarked) loser point games, my brain would overload from the complexity.

    I had to determine the formula for the original “check-marks and stars” program. It took a while but I figured it out.

  7. Yes, Christopher. The formula took a few turns as the season progressed. Now it’s down to a fine science.

  8. You could also use different highlighters a guide to the games themselves.

    Blue would be for games that were heartbreaking. Games where we had the game in hand but lost due to someone on the other team doing something to break our hearts (say an amazing goalie performance, someone scores a weird goal on us that wins the game, etc).

    Red would be for games that caused lots of anger. Games where we didn’t show up at all, blow-outs, any time we play the Bruins, etc.

    Yellow would be for victories, Gold would be for amazing victories (like the last game due to Lars’ performance).

    I’d make a great GM eh?

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