Not Enough From Habs In Toronto

It wasn’t a lackluster effort like the previous Philadelphia and New Jersey games, and they weren’t wildly outshot and outplayed like in Ottawa, but when all was said and done, it just wasn’t enough on Saturday night and the Habs drop a 5-3 decision to the Leafs, which puts the Torontonians just four points behind them in standings.

And even though it wasn’t a dud like the aforementioned games, it proved as depressing as can be to see the irksome Nazem Kadri play well, to see the Leafs take the body throughout (something the boys can’t do), and to see Andrei Markov and Alexei Emelin flounder.

The game didn’t start out well, especially when Kadri undressed Emelin to set up the game’s first goal, but the Canadiens eventually found some legs and made it a game.

Canadiens’ goal scorers were Brendan Gallagher, Brian Gionta, and David Desharnais, and it also could’ve been Andrei Markov who had a couple of great opportunities to tie it in the dying minutes, but he couldn’t hit the net.

Anyway, I’m not able to continue. I’m fighting something, been laid up all day, and can barely sit and type. Sorry but I need the couch again.

I gave it the old college try.

Montreal outshot the Buds 33-30.

Next is Pittsburgh on Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Not Enough From Habs In Toronto”

  1. PS

    I am getting a little tired of seeing yellow, white, yellow, white, yellow, white on my Scientific Habs Information Tracking System (SHITS)

  2. Hope that you feel better soon, Dennis.

    I didn’t expect a win, so I wasn’t surprised. For whatever reason, the Maple Loafs seem to get more up for us than the other way around, and that’s been the case for years.

    Couple of side notes: 1) Did anyone else catch JVR’s “logo tag” when he scored the Loafs’ fourth goal? Funny how that got a complete pass from everyone in the media (at least so far), while PK’s similar gesture after scoring the OT winner in Ottawa 48 hours earlier has been the subject of so much scrutiny.

    2) The CBC broadcast crew was more or less unlistenable. They did everyone but don Loafs’ jerseys and wave pom poms. Wish that we had the RDS feed here.

  3. Denis, hope health & vinegar return to your bones soon!!! At least there’s hope for you————-! [more than I can hope with a Thornbush-led team!!]JVR did a nice P.K. copy of ‘flying the crest’ but HE is a TEAM PLAYER who plays with intensity!! pride! heart!! etc. etc.!! while hot shot P.K. only plays for the himself. NOT MY THOUGHTS but seems a common thread round the CBC media. I can’t wait to see P.K. in Sochi– he’ll be in the same room as some good men– players AND coaching staff—can we grasp his sucking up of the teaching, examples, of those guys and how a COACH will help him; as compared to Thornbush harnessing him in!!AND teamates who COME TO PLAY!! Hello you sap sucking loafers who ain’t got the guts to take or give a hit or go to the net OR shoot at a spot other than the goalies bull’s eye– very creative. Oh and don’t forget to give Galleger the puck ’cause he’ll go in deep! Disgusting concept by a bunch of over paid, overfed, overprotected whining wannabes. Can you imagine how long they’d last in Boston[NOT a Bruin fan either, but at least they compete] In closing I Say[ and am willing to be corrected if need be] coach Thornbush hasn’t the ability to coach and/or motivate his guys other than not allow ’em to walk on the CH crest in the dressing room. What a idea. so they can look up. THAT is. Just put it on the ceiling. Sorry for the rant but it felt good. Chris Nilan was asked what would it take to get Bourge going— can’t say it on the air was his reply.

  4. Sorry about the last line mumble jumble–what an idea THAT is .Just put it on the ceiling so they can look up.—. Thanks,Peter

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