Not A Good Day For Gaston

We’ve just come from Ottawa where Luciena and I had a fantastic time visiting old and new friends, and Hobo’s beautiful place near Port Hope where we were treated like a king and queen, and now we’re in Orillia, the old home town.

Which means, besides the memories and emotions, another thing is involved.

Gaston had to visit his brother Cyril. I hate when I see this. It’s complicated. About chicks or something.

And if you think it didn’t go well with the brothers, what about this?

Gaston paid a visit to my dad, who is 90 years old and in an old folks home in Orillia. It was going great as you can see. And then Gaston started going on about what an old fart my dad is.

10 thoughts on “Not A Good Day For Gaston”

  1. He does, Rookie. And he’s rarely eaten vegetables in his life and drinks whiskey every day.

  2. he has more hair than us……………. i’m imagining that is scott gomez in his hands having his neck rung.

  3. Wow your Dad looks super Dennis. When he was born the NHL was a new league, only three or four years old.

    I’m glad your Dad didn’t take any guff from that @sshole Gaston. I like how he gave the little bastard a knuckle sandwich.

    Does your Dad still skate? The Habs can use a good enforcer.

    CHeers to you Mister Kane. I hope they are treating you well at the home, and all the best to you!

  4. Gaston has a brother? There’s 2 of them? Obviously Cyril is the good one, he’s even happy to see his SOB brother again.
    Dennis I hope the ladies in the home will let you spend enough time with your father. He looks like he’d be too popular to be shared with family.

  5. Hobo, that’s right. I said “Dad, I want to see real anger. Think of Scott Gomez.” Actually, come to think of it, Hollywood directors could use this method.

  6. Danno, I’ve thought of this often. My dad grew up to Morenz and Joliat and through all of Rocket’s career. He was 35 when the Richard Riot happened. Geez, I could on for an hour.

  7. Chris, he has a brother. Cyril. And he’s a good shit. But, as is the case often, there can be at least one asshole in a family – Gaston.

  8. Dennis, thanks for sharing your visit with your Dad, Gaston and Cyril. Family! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Tell Dad to go easy on Gaston!

    I’ll bet it was great to spend time together. With Mr. Kane cheering on the Habs in Orillia a Stanley Cup must be won!!

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