Non, Maybe Oui

Chalk me up as one guy who’s not crazy about the idea of Vincent Lecavalier in Montreal.

Five years ago, when he was 28 or so and a bonafide French-Canadian star who wore number four because his granddad loved Jean Beliveau, I wanted very much to see the big centre wearing the CH.

But he was on the decline in Tampa Bay in the last couple of years, not nearly as effective as he was, he’s on the cusp of being old, and the Lightning decided to move on without him. He’s not the 52- goal and 40-goal scorer he was a handful of years ago.

Martin St. Louis knows how to grow old and play. Maybe not Vincent.

However, I say all this without seeing him in action much, so I have no idea. I’m just babbling before we go out in Montreal traffic and get lost again.

Having said that, if the Habs did decide to bring him aboard and he became an important guy with his size down the middle and his experience, was somehow revitalized and helped out in a big way, and the province of Quebec and Habs fans everywhere embraced him, then I’m all for it.

This is a fine example of fence-sitting.

And his wife Caroline is lovely and I would work hard to make her comfortable when the team is on the road.





9 thoughts on “Non, Maybe Oui”

  1. Here’s my question–where would he play? Who would sit or be traded to make room for him?

  2. Good question Ian. Maybe DD would move to the wing. I don’t know. And how much would they pay a guy who’s been making ten million?

  3. I’d have no issue with DD being sat or traded to make room for him, but that’s not going to happen. DD is also no winger, so that also won’t happen. Lars Eller would more likely be the victim of the “numbers game”, which is a shame. I still think that ultimately, Lecavalier will stay in Tampa, but at a reduced salary.

  4. Ian, no way would they move Eller. He’s blossoming in a big way. He’s part of their future. All in all, I don’t want Vinny in Montreal. His best days are behind him. But I would like more talent and size.

  5. I agree. Actually, what I would ideally love to see MB do is to trade up in the draft to get the young defenseman, Samuel Morin. He’s a Quebec product, he’s HUGE (6″7), and he’s tough as nails. Most draft projections have him going somewhere in the middle of the first round, so the team wouldn’t have to give up the farm to get him. Imagine adding him to that blueline in a season or two…………..

  6. Ian, yesterday I saw a piece on Samuel Morin and you’re absolutely right – he’s talented and has a serious mean streak. He punishes with both hits and fighting. This is the guy I hope somehow they can land. Maybe Bergevin can pull a rabbit out of the hat here. And if Tinordi can get a little meaner, it would make a big difference too.

  7. I believe NHL bylaws prohibits a player from returning to the team that has bought them out for a period of at least one calendar year.
    So Vinny won’t be in Tampa…not this year anyway.

  8. Vinny is a huge upgrade over DD in a nanosecond. Davy and his bad contract would be traded quickly.

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