Non-Breaking Announcement

We interrupt the Canada-Russia tournament, which presently stands at one win for them and none for us, to give you this important non-breaking announcement.

P.K. still hasn’t signed. We’ve seen on the George Stroumboulopoulos show with brother Malcolm, and we’ve seen him in the crowd of players standing behind Donald Fehr as we’re told that they don’t like the latest offer.

We just haven’t seen him signing a piece of paper.

And speaking of Subban, a fellow at work told me how much he disliked our guy, but agreed that P.K. is going to be a superstar. And that’s all that matters.


Game two of the big series goes September 4th in Toronto. They need this. We need this. Another loss would be terrible. I wonder if Sinden decides to go with Ken Dryden again, or starts Tony Esposito instead. Dryden was, shall we say, less than stellar in game one.

This guy Kharlamov. Holy smokes, would he ever look good in a Habs uniform.

And about the two scouts, John McLellan and Bob Davidson from the Leafs, who went to Russia and came back saying the young Tretiak wasn’t very good and might be the team’s weakest leak. Tretiak sure seemed fine to me in Montreal. Those guys must have got into the hotel vodka.


Did you hear Foster Hewitt pronounce Yvan Cournoyer’s name during game one? He said it exactly as it looks, forgetting that Yvan is French, not English. Foster calls him “Kor-Noye-Er,” which is just weird considering Cournoyer has been in the league for eight years already. Surely Foster should have gotten it by now.



3 thoughts on “Non-Breaking Announcement”

  1. Kor-noye-er is my favorite fosterism, or foster faux pas. And there are many. It was maddening yet entertaining and that’s all that really matters. Foster also miss-pronounced Tretiak, saying, Tret-tree-ak. Not as entertaining but still good.

    Dryden always sucked against the Soviets. Just not a good match up.

    Good Luck tomorrow

  2. Another good way to get a few good laughs is to listen to the arena announcers in the States when one of our guys scores. Some of them have an awful time pronouncing anything.

    There was a game last year where I think they announced Darche as Dar-shee and Subban as Subbin, etc. I wish I could remember which game it was but it pretty damn funny.

  3. Darth, when I was a kid I could get Hawks game in Chicago late at night with my transistor radio, and so I would tune in when the Habs played there. The announcer was such a homer that he’d call the Hawks players by their first names. “And Bobby passes to Stan, back to Reg.” etc. It really used to upset me.

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