No To Jagr Please

Danno passes along this story about Jaromir Jagr being interested in playing with the Habs because he’s always wanted to play for them and as a bonus he’d get to play with fellow countryman Tomas Plekanec – Jagr Interested.

Gimme a break. He says he’s always wanted to play for the Habs only because he’s a free agent and he’s hoping to earn a couple more million before he rides off into the sunset.

Ain’t it funny how all of a sudden old guys looking for work have always loved the Habs and would so much love to play for them. What a bunch of baloney. And he’s 41 years old.

Please Mr. Bergevin, don’t do this.


9 thoughts on “No To Jagr Please”

  1. Soon Jagr be skating around with the aid of a walker on the ice. No way.

    Plus I noticed during the Bruins playoffs Jagr was slow and has a sizeable derriere which would make J. Lo jealous.

  2. I agree Danno. We don’t want or need him. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that MB doesn’t even consider it.

  3. Really, eh Marjo. He just wants a job and collect some cash. We would have taken him 5 or 10 years ago. Not now.

  4. He won’t be playing in Montreal (at least, I don’t think so), and I don’t want him, either. If the idea is to “build for the future”, then signing him would do nothing towards accomplishing that goal. Then again, the same is true for Daniel Briere, though a two-year deal is certainly more palatable (and potentially, trade-able), than one for three seasons.

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