No Pernell Karl Yet

Still no P.K., and even if he finally signs within a few days, he’ll probably miss a game or two, and a game or two could mean the difference between a playoff spot or not. Especially in this shortened season where it’s important for a team to get off to a quick start and not have to play catch up.

We all know the young fellow’s a crucial piece of the Habs puzzle, and we need all hands on deck. Especially a stud D-man patrolling the shark-infested waters. (Shark-infested frozen waters?)

To make things even worse, his agent Don Meehan says they’re not even close to docking the good ship P.K.

Contract issues can be so disheartening. Not for P.K. or the team. For us.

2 thoughts on “No Pernell Karl Yet”

  1. So much for the team eh? It all comes down to cold hard cash.

    They supposedly want to give him a 2 year deal and then after that a BIG deal (like what happened with Price). Subban wants the big deal now.

    I’m getting the feeling that we may end up losing him. I don’t think Therrien is all that impressed with him.

    Without a doubt he won’t be playing Saturday but it looks like Galchenyuk will. I hope he scores one in the first game.

  2. Darth, it was interesting to see Therrien say that he`d love to work with P.K. and make him a better team guy and that sort of thing. I know it`s easy to read things out of context or try to read between the lines, but anyway. I have this lousy feeling too that we`might be losing him. It`s really a shame. But we`ll see. The lockout ended, so could Subban`s contract issues.Subban`s

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