No One Likes To Go To Work And Get A Head Shot

If the league really wants to end shots to the head such as what Matt Cooke did to Boston’s Marc Savard the other night, then they have to stop dicking around and just do it. Put the hammer down on Cooke, suspend him for the rest of the season and playoffs, and maybe others will get the message.

If it can be done to Rocket Richard, it can be done to Matt Cooke. And I can almost guarantee there will be no Cooke Riot on St. Patrick’s night to deal with.

What’s the problem? Why is so complicated? Why can’t everyone agree on this?

Just take away what a player loves the most – his video games. Or if that’s not enough, suspend him for at least the amount of time the injured player is out.

And if that doesn’t work, tell him he can’t go out for beers with the boys anymore. Give him what players hate  most – early curfew. Order him to sign his autograph so fans can read it. Put him in charge of dealing with the media after the game. Make him carry his own bags. Threaten to trade him to Toronto.

Just do something. No one likes to go to work and get a head shot. I’m pretty sure GM’s don’t give each other concussions. Maybe the odd stab in the back, but not head shots.

4 thoughts on “No One Likes To Go To Work And Get A Head Shot”

  1. Unbelievable how the NHL protects its chosen few and leaves the rest on their own. As if hockey isn’t tough enough, headhunting is okay?!

    If that was Sid or Ovie……………..

  2. Savard might be a big enough star getting injured for the league to do something. Suspending Cooke for hitting Savard is much more likely than suspending Richards for hitting Booth.
    To me the problem is that shoulder pads don’t have any padding, they’re closer to a suit of armour. It also makes sense to treat any contact with the head the same way as when a stick makes contact. high checking?

  3. That what it is, Chris. Like a suit of armour. So if a guy’s taller than the other guy, he stands the risk off smashing him in the head with his pads.

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