No News Is Good News

We’re going for a Sunday drive to St. Hyacinthe and if I come back and find that Jaromir Jagr is now a Hab, I’m going to……..I’m going to……….Hmm.

Clench my fist, shake my head, and say tabernak.

5 thoughts on “No News Is Good News”

  1. Mike, there’s a scenario for you. Imagine if Ference became a Hab, after giving 20,000 Habs fans at the Bell Centre the finger.

  2. Hey Dennis, I can’t conceive Yagr becoming a Hab.He turned them down a couple of years ago why would they take a 41 year old has been,I know shit like this won’t happen

  3. Who is this fournier kid we just signed as a free agent? LW 6′”, played on memorial cup winner last year, has lots of penalty minutes? Undrafted? And MB these types of players cannot be found cheap? He said that the day before last? He was with Buffalo organization previously? Seems silly or something wrong (personally maybe) with kid.

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