No, It Isn’t My House

I posted these photos several years ago but it was before I had actually learned how to make photos bigger, so when my friend Kouli sent them to me the other day I realized it was a good opportunity to post them again, only doing it right this time. Thanks Kouli.

Whoever lives here is either single or has a very understanding wife or husband.

Regardless, it’s all very beautiful and very tasteful.

9 thoughts on “No, It Isn’t My House”

  1. I want this room now. Oh this is an awesome sight. I ever win the lottery I am going to build a Habs room that makes this room look like an old ripped poster by comparison.

    I’ll quit work and my “work” will become the shrine. I’ll fix the thing up and be the envy of the NHL. Sigh.

    Locally there was a family who had a massive basement and they turned it into a “rink” for hockey (playing with a ball instead of a puck). They made it look like the actual Bell Centre ice with all the boards, the right ads on the boards and the painted lines.

    Damn lucky kids!

  2. Hey Dennis,One awesome sight to behold,I always wished that I could have my own “Hab Cave”.The guy who owns this museum is a lucky fellow.To the Hab Cave Carey,lets see what them devilious Bruins have in store.

  3. Why thank you Dennis. I do have a mini-shrine right now but nothing spectacular. This is spectacular. I think only the most purest of heart Habs fans should get admittance into this room. One bad remark and people are banned for life!

  4. My 7 year old son said ‘Its Paradise!!’; I may have to steal with my eyes for finishing my basement….

  5. Dennis, my name is Paul Foucault Sr, and I live in Oshawa Ontario. I built this room from floor to ceiling. I sent these pictures to some friends after I built the room, and the pics ended up circulating across Canada, even making it back to my own mailbox. The house where the pictures were taken is in Whitby. The house was sold last year after 8 years of enjoying my Shan-gri-la.
    Go Habs !!!!

  6. Hi Paul, what a fantastic house. Thanks a lot for getting a hold of me and filling me in on this. I absolutely love what you did.

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