No Excuses, But That Goalie……

It's a Wonderful..

The Canadiens, in the second and third periods at least, were in it to win it.

Of course they lost, but that’s beside the point.

Montreal showed fire and pride on Thursday night against the talented Chicago Blackhawks, but it was Corey Crawford who saved the day for the visitors, and the good guys fall 2-1.

If it wasn’t for this Hawks goaltender, we’d be talking about a Habs team that was tired of losing and finally did something about it. But we can’t say that because of &%$# Crawford.

More and more I’m understanding Leafs fans.

Canadiens caught fire right around the time Alexei Emelin belted a couple of Hawks in clean, old time, rugged fashion, and it was like a girlfriend’s knuckle sandwich on the kisser as the boys woke up, revved up, moved the puck in deep, stormed the net, moved the puck around smartly, caused havoc, and came close often.

But the guy from Chateauguay was there to shut the door.

The Canadiens, on any other night, might have won handily, but they didn’t and the slide continues. And the bottom line is, once again, aside from Paul Byron on this night, no one can put the puck in the net.

Montreal’s solid play in the second and third should give us hope. But unfortunately, their next two games involve St. Louis and Chicago in their barns, so I suppose we shouldn’t let hope get too much out of hand.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the visitors 40-33 (with one lousy friggin goal to show for it).

The power play was 0/1.

Alex Galchenyuk seemed fired up and skated miles, and how great it would’ve been to see the guy provide some heroics after getting punched out by his girlfriend and reamed out by his boss. But the storybook heroics weren’t to be.

The other guy from the Sherbrooke St. love-in, Devante Smith-Pelly, was a healthy scratch.

Next up – Saturday in St. Louis.





13 thoughts on “No Excuses, But That Goalie……”

  1. Once again a Montreal boy comes to town and kicks our ass. Hopefully on Saturday Stastny will be feeling American and not Québécois.

    Maybe we need to play our home games out of town. Maybe Ottawa, there’s no professional sports teams here. The pressure of playing for the greatest franchise smothers our team, but the awe of playing in the best hockey city lifts the opposition. Something’s not right.

  2. This pressure to win is going to kill Markov. He had another 24 minutes of ice time while Beaulieu and Barbario sit on the bench with half that time and Pateryn and Tinordi dreams for the opportunity to sit on the bench.

  3. O yes he’s, Condon, a great Goalie, but doodley-squat from the team or its coach that wants to Win and get a goal from time to time, eh? hahaha Just kidding, of course, the Habs don’t want to score you see? they’re playing to lose, to get a better grab at the draft. Colix de tabernac! 3 goals to win, eh Mister T? and Big Mister B? what’s he gonna do? eh, tabernac! This is the worst Habs series of blow outs since when? Shame on their million dollar whatever their pay is. And it was in a sense a goalies game as yes the Habs did a reasonable job shutting down, to 1 goal loss, the big bad hawks who dont give afuck after all they going all the way whereas Habs are goin to the local brassiere and a little high paid orgy later in spring, & poor little GALchenYukyuk gets socked and of course No one’s saying nothing about the Woman, god forbid she sock him for cheating his ass off on her with two broads, Mtl. style , eh? Poor little Galchenyuk. And Poor Captain Patches O his job to score goals and they must to be ‘a little better’ is what he said, what shite!~ and then there’s the great flashy Subhan! eh, Mister I promote myself and its not his job to score goals! O dear you poor thingy with your biggest contract eh? O no goals him! Poor fellow, he’s getting to be an all star! wowie!

    They oughtto rename this team LoseHabsLose. and who knows by what strange reversal in fortune, the Hokcey gods might feel sorry for them and let them win a few honest games and in the end go down with some dignity if only to remind themselves of what ashitty team they are, and they cant blame anyone but themeslves and not price not being there. Christ, captitalism and hockey eh, este colis de tabernac!

    Have one on us Dennnis!


  4. I probbb went over board but you shld. see some of the comments on Habs InsideOUT! Danno leftsome beauties! I had a few drinks and so I was ranting. In fairness, let’s say they did okay in 2nd and 3rd, and it goes without saying Condon saved their ass from too much disgrace. Okay, but still no scoring for weeks no except Boston and that was exceptional not the norm for this team, not strong key forwards, the defence is really Subhan, a great player but no real back up. Etcetera.

    Let’s hope all this ends there was booing at the game tonight, there’s going to be a lot more of that if this keeps up and maybe more! everyone knows the Mtl. fans are turbulent! Goodnight Mister Dennis! yr very kind to give some of us such easy entry way to leaving comments!

  5. I have noticed a pattern with the Habs lately.

    – They lose against shitty teams

    – They lose against mediocre teams

    – They lose against really good teams.

    At least they’re being consistent.

  6. I’m going to start off with my pet peev. Why on Gods green earth would Rogers & the NHL not televise the Habs-Hawks two original six teams across the nation? Instead we here in Ontario got two western teams, it just blows my mind!
    I said in a previous post if the efforts there and we lose so be it & from DK’s recap the effort was there in spades. I guess it was two years ago when I got the games on RDS one of the best games I’d watched in years was a fast paced Habs-Hawks game. At least with a small portal in the Rogers-NHL crazy world a small town in BC allows our DK to tell it like it was. This site is protected by dark forces! 🙂

  7. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Sportsnet, Mike. It’s just plain weird that PR gets all the games and other parts of the country don’t. But trust me, you haven’t missed much.

  8. What a unique pattern, Danno! It’s amazing how they manage to lose against all these different types. This is why we love them, they’re so versatile.

  9. Bill, I love this rant. Although I don’t want to believe that they’re tanking. I loved your take on different players, and darn right, Galchenyuk’s no angel in his love-in problems and his lady had every right to be pissed. Anytime you want to blow off steam like that, you’re more than welcome. Cool rant.

  10. I suspect it’s Roger’s denying everyone access to the Canadiens whereas other cable providers give their customers what they want, or at least they screw them a little less. Dennis, I assume you have Shaw cable in Powell River.

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