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  1. Dennis,

    I heard all of that on the Team 990 yesterday. Marinaro, Boone & Stubbs. I was just shaking my head in disbelief. I actually liked Schwartz, it was refreshing for a change instead of the same old crappy questions that come from the media.

  2. And Moey, I’m not surprised. I just don’t want to say the things I want to say. I also know Launy and he’s a fine fellow. He phones me to wish me a Happy Birthday. But like I say, I’m not surprised that this is the attitude out there with mainstream media. They forget that many of us are ex-newspaper men and women and such, and many bloggers without resumes have wonderful communication skills. Bloggers are an important factor and shouldn’t be dismissed.

  3. I always laugh at the way Lloyd Robertson signs off his newscast by saying “That’s the kind of day it’s been today…”
    Sure Lloyd, you explained everything that happened in the world in less than 20 minutes — if you take away all the commercials and puff pieces…
    The mainstream news media is also very defensive and upset about losing their monopoly on the (mis)information the masses are forced to consume.
    What are they so afraid of if these blogger types are so flaky and incompetent?
    Afraid perhaps that the truth will slip out somehow?
    Well, we can’t have that can we…
    Methinks thou doth protest too much.

  4. The MSM does raise a good issue. At what point does a fan become a blogger? How little would I have to do to get free access to the press room and dressing room?

    As more people get access, the less each person gets individually. The MSM is protecting their ability to show up with little preparation and mindlessly ask the same stupid questions and then later edit the responses into something a little less clichéd. They’re exhibiting the same childish attitude as little kids when a new baby arrives in the family.

  5. I don’t see the stranglehold the MSM has on the team easing anytime soon, though frankly I would prefer it. Bloggers tend to ask more insightful and intelligent questions IMO.

    There’s just so many bloggers out there (myself included) that it’s hard to come up with standardized criteria that would incorporate them into the media circus that currently has access to the sports teams. I can see the argument that just because someone blogs about the team should not give them the same kind of access, or else every kook with an agenda can pen a blog and get inside the dressing room.

    Until that’s resolved, I don’t expect things to change. I think that’s unfortunate, because there’s very little MSM I read anymore while my readership of blogs (not just Habs) is growing every day.

  6. Dennis,

    Thank you for posting this for your readers. Your friendship is something I value, and I should pick up the phone more often than I do.

    Hope all is well on the best coast..and btw, Orillia is lookin ok from the 400. Webers is as busy as always too.


  7. Launy, Webers won a Best Hamburger in Canada rating many years ago. I don’t know if they’re still up to that standard or not. Keep plugging away with your career. You’re going to be very successful.

  8. The protest doth continue…

    From the Montreal Gazette’s Mike Boone on H I/O:

    Submitted by Mike Boone on Mon, 09/06/2010 – 07:50.

    “It is a good piece and I posted the link in the main story today. Too bad, however, the poster boy is that sycophantic schmuck who added NOTHING to the Price conference call.”

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