Nip The Nastiness In The Bud

Maybe the only real way to curb head and spinal injuries in hockey is to get to the kids early and nip the nastinesss in the bud. That’s why I’m going to take two DVD’s that were sent me and give them to minor hockey coaches here in Powell River once hockey season starts up again.

Scotiabank, along with ThinkFirst Canada and Reebok-CCM Hockey, launched last spring a really fine video called SMART Hockey, which is intended to help teach young hockey players, their families, coaches and other game officials how to play safer hockey to prevent brain and spinal injuries.

The video is actually pretty sweet and features John Tavares, Patrice Bergeron, Tyler Myers, and is anchored by Tessa Bonhomme, with really nice, clear hockey action. So producers found a way to make a film that’s fun to watch and also gets a strong message across.

There’s been far too many head shots lately in the NHL, this ugliness is damaging the good name of the world’s greatest sport, and it’s time to take action as best we can.

I agree with Don Cherry on one big point. Get rid of the body armour players most wear and get back to a bit more basic shoulder pad, for example. The things they wear now would knock an elephant unconscious.

There are important lessons and hockey tips in this video and that’s why I’m giving the two I have to a couple of local coaches. And maybe they can pass them around to other coaches afterward.

You can also check out ScotiaHockeyClub’s Facebook page about this –

Here’s the promo, along with part one –

7 thoughts on “Nip The Nastiness In The Bud”

  1. Dennis, you really are doing the intelligent thing by educating the next generation of players. You are truly a supporter of hockey! Well done.

  2. Nice going Dennis.

    I agree there are too many ugly incidents in hockey and it’s only a matter of time before someone goes down and never gets back up again.

    The league’s disciplinarians have pretty well given a green light to the goon tactics they allow to go on unpunished – depending on who the player is from or what team they play on. It’s a farce.

    Hockey is a game of speed and skill, but Bettman and co. think blood sells tickets and this is why they are not serious about dealing with head injuries etc.

    I sure hope we see a lot less of these incidents next season.

  3. It’s true, Danno. It’s a farce. There’s the dangerous head shots and also the one-sided disciplinary rulings. Sometimes other teams have seemed to benefit more from questionable decisions. I’m not going to mention any examples, but one example for instance, if I was going to give an example, is the one which wears black and gold and has a home rink in Massachusetts. But I’m not mentioning any names.

  4. Diane, if they just went back to old-time shoulder pads it would solve much of it, I’m sure. If there was ever one thing I would agree with Don Cherry about, it would be this. He compared on Coach’s Corner shoulder pads from 20 years ago to now and it’s ridiculous. They’re wearing a suit of armour now. One hit to the head with these pads and its like a bank safe just hit you.

  5. These clips are a good idea. Tessa is a lot easier to listen to than Don’s senile ramblings.

    Dennis you and Don are absolutely correct. Getting rid of the rock hard pads will reduce concussions more than the annual tweaks to the headshot rule. In addition I believe the cushioning was about equal with the old pads. You still felt it when you gave a hard check. Now while the recipient is being taken off on a stretcher the checker barely felt a thing. He thinks it was a soft tap and the opponent is acting.

  6. I don’t even know why they would want to wear this new stuff, Chris. It seems too much. More weight, less freedom etc.

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