Nightmare On De La Gauchetiere Street

They were playing so well. Controlling things, getting good chances, outshooting the heralded and league brass fav Capitals. The Bell Centre was alive, the players were alive, and we were alive in front of our TV’s. And to regurgitate a well-worn and tired cliché, the future was so bright we had to wear shades.

Then, suddenly and without warning, it all went down the toilet.

The Canadiens gave up a disastrous shorthanded goal, and everything began to unravel. Two goals, then three. The longer it went with Montreal not scoring, the more the air went out of the home team and home crowd. And soon, Jaroslav Halak was pulled and Carey Price skated to his net.

Then it became four and five goals.

Oh, such disappointment. Such regret. It was a game we all wanted so badly, and we saw our team playing with fire, poise and sharpness. Until the Washington shorthanded goal. What could have been. If Montreal would have scored on that power play, or at least have nothing change at this point, we might be a tremendously happy bunch in Habsland right now. But the wrong team scored, the nightmare commenced, the game ended as a 5-1 score, and I’m dragging myself to work tonight quiet, sad, and disappointed, and I hate this feeling.

They needed to score when things were going good. They needed to find a way when they were the better team, but they didn’t. They missed the net too often, shot at Varlamov’s body too often, and they never found a way. Didn’t find a way when things were good, and didn’t find a way when things were bad.

It went from glorious to ghastly in too short a period of time.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec took a penalty late in the second for pushing a Caps player into Varlamov. Gee, after seeing the Caps do this on a regular basis in game two without it being called, I thought this play was legal.

A big third period Habs power play lasted all of three seconds before Andrei Kostitsyn took a completely borderline call penalty. Of course. Can’t be having the Habs climb back into the game.

Jacques Martin waited too long to pull Halak. It was a chance to reverse the momentum by bringing in Price, but instead, Martin waited until the coffin was nailed shut.

It’s not over ’till the lovely but slightly overweight lady sings, and on Wednesday night, the boys have a chance for redemption. And good Habs fans everywhere never say die.

18 thoughts on “Nightmare On De La Gauchetiere Street”

  1. leadership melted. They started great but their leaders folded. They regrouped a little but weren’t consistent. They can still do it but Gomez, Plek, Gionta et al have to go back to basics. Can’t blame Halak but I think he’s done for this series. He didn’t let any bad goals in but …. They can still do it. They are still doing better than I expected and they still haven’t played to their potential. Bergeron needs to get some shots on goal and I hope he breaks a few ankles while doing it. And they have to hit more.

  2. It’s true, Mayo. Nobody took control. Leadership melted. And I agree also that Bergeron needs to get more shots on goal. That’s why he’s on the team. It’s certainly not for his great defensive skills.

  3. I’m beginning to think the Canadiens are missing a veteran “leader”, because that bench is getting unraveled far too often. Ethan Moreau is a free agent this summer, I’m thinking he’d be a good fit in this regard.


  4. DG, I’ve felt that all season, that they needed that one guy who does what any coach can’t. Lead by example and there was no captain and there should’ve been. Ethan Moreau might be good but he’s just not a goal scorer. I’m greedy – I want another Richard, Beliveau, Lafleur.

  5. i too was so sad that i busted into a 6 pack of becks non alcohol beer, got out my vintage copy of sugar kane, king of the mississauga st. blues, LIVE at dino’s parking lot and reflected…… for you young bucks who don’t know who sugar kane is, he was THE most influential white bluesman of his time, prompting the late great muddy waters to quote ” ain’t nobody can vocal like a black man, ‘septin’ for sugar”. sugar learned to play the blues at an early age in the hobo jungle down the railroad tracks from the legion, where he would drink cheap wine, cutting the necks off bottles to make bottleneck guitar slides and dreaming of jumping freight trains and hoboing around this great land of ours. as you know all wine bottles are not created equal, so copious amounts of fighting wine were consumed to find the bottles with the right zing and tonality for sugar’s much copied, legendary bottleneck slide guitar style. unfortunately, like most blues legends of the day, sugar never received the financial rewards that were his due, but he got more pussy than you could shake a stick at and that’s important. of course it didn’t help that he traded away his future song-writing royalties for a single purple mico dot one friday night at dino’s pool hall in the summer of love. mysteriously, sugar disappeared after the last habs cup victory in 93 and hasn’t been heard from since. although rumors abound that sugar has been seen hanging around some BC Ferries, these rumors are pooh pooed by knowledgeable blues historians sighting sugar was the consummate ladies man and would never engage in such hanky panky. if our boys can bring lord stanley’s mug back home where it belongs perhaps we shall see the reemergence of the greatest white bluesman this side of st. catherine and atwater. as sugar would say at the beginning and end of each live show, GO HABS

  6. And Sugar is one unhappy bluesman right now. If only I could get my record royalties that were ripped off by several managers, I could buy the team and turn it around. It just gives me the blues.

  7. Dennis, let’s see what kind of character the men can pull together. Ouch, that was a thumping.

    They need you to give them a firm talk in the locker room.

  8. It’s so depressing, Diane. It’s driving me to taking the night off work and drinking beer.

  9. I hope Martin shakes the line-up up a bit. Put Price in. He’s taking a sh!t-kicking all year. He’ll be motivated to carry the team, and I think he can. I hope Martin puts O’Byrne in because of his physical play. He’s not the best D-man (downright scary for a second or two) but he is better than Bergeron. Get O’Byrne some playoff experience. I would love to see him paste the sh!thead Ovechkin to the boards. He needs a good roughing up and Bergeron isn’t helping. Put PAB on the fourth and first unit PP; and scratch younger Kostitsyn. We have to wait another year or two for him maybe. Did you guys see the hurt look on Beauliveau’s face after the 4th or 5th goal. He knows what the fans need and not getting it.

  10. Dennis- I agree a Richard or a Beliveau would be preferable but unfortunately none are available at the moment. If not Moreau, why not Markus Naslund (former long-time Canucks captain) or fellow Swede Peter Forsberg? They’re goal scorers who are leaders. Personally Moreau might be the best option because he’ll be cheap and can function as a captain without actually being one, but if the Habs can make Nazzy or Foppa work I think they should do it.


  11. I feel bad for Jean Beliveau who made the effort to come out and cheer for his team. It’s just wrong and sad that his team let him down. This one hurts.
    What’s up with Scott Gomez? Picking a fight with a guy twice his size (OV) then last night flipping out and verbally tearing strips off the ref for a 10 minute major. At least he’s showing some passion unlike Martin. Not sure if it’s smart on his part though.
    Maybe the boys took the loss on Saturday a bit too much to heart. When you start beating yourself up after a bad game it can really have a negative effect on how you perform.
    And you’re right about the lopsided calls. The crap Washington has been getting away with is just criminal. I think Pleks did it on purpose to send out a message. And I kind of got a chuckle out of it. Sadly, this message will be completely ignored by the NHL which has now been highjacked by Betman and his obedient game-fixers.
    All we can do now is regroup and play like we did on game one.
    I think Price should get the start and who knows. If Price plays his best anything can happen because it all comes down to goaltending.

  12. Hey Dennis,Well that was not a reffing spectacular now was it?Kevin Pollock should be shot and pissed on for that,I said to my son when I saw him come out pre game that this was going to be a shitty game.Net crashing is allowed,when it’s against Halak or Price,terrible job of officiatting,like in the Canuck game.The refs are getting worse the more they put on the ice.I think Price will start tommorow nite ,lets hope Rita Macniel doesnt sing the national anthem.

  13. Gee thanx for the memories Sugar. purple mics& i can’t remember was it Bradvin or Old Sailor Just the thoughts of the jungle brings back warm thoughts or thoughts of warm….vomit? And I do believe that was the fall of 1970 and you know how the habs did that year…Gee Iwonder what ever became of Pat Smith anyway

  14. Rugger—another of The Boys checks in! That’s four of us here now. “What;s mine’s mine and what’s yours in mine.”

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