Nice Old Set

The title sounds like I’m talking about Sophia Loren.

I have the majority of the 1954-55 Parkhurst set in various conditions ranging from good to excellent, which is a ways down from near mint and mint, but still pretty darn good. The 100 cards were from the Original Six teams, plus some action shots.

This is a nice set to have, considering kids back then didn’t really collect cards, but instead threw them against buildings, playing closest to the wall. They (we) also put them in bicycle spokes and created a nice sound as the wheels turned and cards got destroyed.

Below are the complete Habs, which include, in order, Gerry McNeil, Dickie Moore, Jean Beliveau, Eddie Mazur, Bert Olmstead, Butch Bouchard, Maurice Richard, Boom Boom Geofrrion, John McCormack, Tom Johnson, Calum Mackay, Ken Mosdell, Paul Masnick, Doug Harvey, and Floyd Curry.

15 thoughts on “Nice Old Set”

  1. Lol lol lol those guys look like they can barely skate!!! Hockey has sure come a long ways since the dark ages. So glad we’re blessed with youth who exercise, work hard.

  2. Dude, they could skate, you can be sure of that. They also worked hard, you can be sure of that too. it’s very difficult to tell if you’re tongue-in-cheek or not with your comments.

  3. I like the way the words “nice set” can have several meanings.

    This is a great line from a classic movie which was overlooked for an Oscar:

  4. Dude, if there’s no tongue in cheek from you, then in that case, you’re playing quite the game here. In just a few comments you’ve managed to insult me with a stupid jealously video, you’ve insulted the Russian people, one of whom I’m married to, and your attempts at humour regarding old-time hockey is way out in left field. So I’m doing what I feel is necessary here, because I think it’s only going to get worse from you, and so I’m inserting you into the prized “spam” section of this site. If you could have shared normal comments, just been a normal “dude” and shown you know what you’re talking about, it wouldn’t have come to this.

  5. My dad and all his brothers and my mom’s brothers all had these cards and others. Rookie cards, special cards, etc. They were all the type to do what you said. Tossing them, putting them in bikes, etc. It breaks my heart. I’ve happened to tell them how much they’ve tossed away and they weren’t very happy. They also had comics as well and that’s just as bad. Ah, kids – can’t trust them with anything. 🙂

    I think with some adjustments a lot of these guys could play in today’s NHL quite easily. I think of the Rocket and the drive he had and put him into today’s hockey world…wow. Sadly today we probably wouldn’t have him because he’d have been drafted by some other team!

    It would be interesting to take the team on those cards, with Toe coaching, and put them up against a modern team. I’d love to see how Toe would try to adapt.

    Can you just picture Rocket’s reaction to guys like Ference or Cooke or Marchand?

  6. The spam section? Ah, so that’s where all the Bruins and Leafs fans are Dennis? Can we also put Gary Bettman there?

  7. Yo friends, help me understand this new twist. If this loophole with labour unions prevents a lock out for certain teams like Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton (and possibly teams in Ont. and BC), is it possible, is it really possible we can have our fantasy all-Canadian league even just for a little while? :))

    PS: I too want to see spammed comments!! This can get us through some quiet time!

  8. Hi Marjo. I don’t quite understand all the mumbo jumbo, but I seriously doubt there will ever be an all-Canadian league. Maybe if Bettman retires and someone with sense steps in, but until then, it just seems unlikely to me. I hope I’m wrong, though. I’ve been wrong before – about several zillion times in fact. As far as spam goes, there have been very few times over the years that I’ve had to intentionally spam comments. Most spam comes in the form of viagra ads or penis enlargemnt and all that, and they get blocked automatically. But every blue moon, someone shows up with comments that I deem offensive, and I feel that if I let it go, it will encourage others and become a snowball effect. So I think it’s important that certain things get nipped early. I believe Dude probably could make very normal and intelligent comments if he wanted, but he chose to be confusing and slightly nasty. Maybe other sites don’t mind this, but I prefer people like you and all the others who are nice, passionate hockey fans with something to say.

  9. I was only joking around. Fine by me if you don’t have him here, especially if he’s being hurtful. Hope you’re having a great day!

  10. Did you notice Floyd Curry is on Masnick’s card ?
    Previous year, Parkhurst put Carl Gardner’ head on Schmidt body : to my knowledge, the first case…
    It would be fun to document those manipulations : Bobby Orr wearing a brushed Chicago jersey, and sitting by his former teamates on Boston bench…
    Jacques Lemaire in Buffalo jersey, and so on… Dozens and dozens of examples.
    Gordon McTavish on Mario Tremblay rookie card…

  11. Hi Pierre. Yeah, there’s been lots. You’ve listed some beauties. The Jacques Lemaire one is really funny. It’s curious how that could happen. And it would be fun to see all the examples of mistakes. It’d make for a great read.

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