Nice Design, Terrible Timing

Blue Bayou in London, England was looking for a way to personalize his Firefox browser and came across these nice Habs designs.

He did point out, however, that the guy who designed the one at the bottom right might be feeling a little sad, considering his subject was traded just a couple of days after his artwork was created.

Lots of hard work down the drain after just a few days, and if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s never create a design of a player who underachieves when his team is doing poorly, because he just might be on the move.

Here’s the link – Bad Timing. Notice the date it was made. He was traded on December 31st.

One thought on “Nice Design, Terrible Timing”

  1. Dennis,

    What is that Leafs design doing there? I searched on Canadiens so it strikes me that the designer in question has deliberately tagged the work so as to upset the Habosphere. Is no corner of cyberspace safe from these ‘erbets?

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