NHL.com Now In The Hands Of An 18 Year Old. Oh, It’s A Joke

It’s a spoof, and a pretty funny one too.

My blog could have been called NHL.com, for only $10.69, almost the price of a beer in an NHL rink.

Imagine. The NHL doesn’t pay its domain bill and some kid grabs it. And Gary won’t pay $2000 to the kid to get it back. A billion dollar organization won’t pay $2000, which is somewhere around Gary Bettman’s weekly taxi bill.

Here’s the poop from The Onion.

NEW YORK—In a disappointing coda to one of its most thrilling seasons in years, the NHL lost its longstanding Internet domain last week when executives failed to pay the renewal fee for NHL.com, allowing 18-year-old California resident Fredrick Westfield to purchase the URL for $10.69. “While our online situation is not ideal, our fans will still be able to get all the latest breaking hockey news they crave at NHLHockeySports.com,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said of the domain his league will use unless Westfield lowers his NHL.com asking price from the “exorbitant sum” of $2,000 to something more reasonable. “Fans can still be friends with the NHL on Facebook and MySpace, where we post tons of great stuff like photos, videos, scores, and poll questions.” Bettman later admitted that he wasn’t sure how the problem was overlooked nine months ago when the league was forced to upgrade from its previous Yahoo! GeoCities hosting platform

8 thoughts on “NHL.com Now In The Hands Of An 18 Year Old. Oh, It’s A Joke”

  1. Dennis, if you contact the kid the nhl.com name could be yours for a measly $2,000.

    I don’t know why Bettman is being such a nerd not paying the kid.

    It’s definitely worth it. You should go for it.

    Just magine the increased traffic you’ll get…

  2. The NHL headquarters reached its cap on intelligence long ago and has been unloading it for years. Bettman doesn’t have any, so he’ll be around forever.

  3. The pants-pissingly funny part of this story is how Bettman is telling Fredrick Westfield that his price of $2,000 for the URL is an “exhorbitant sum.”

    Yeah right Gary, and tickets to your lousy hockey games are reasonably priced. Right…

    Buy it now Dennis. Then tell Bettman he can have it back for $2,000,000.

  4. Besides starving for brains, they’re also short on cash. Also from the Onion, they almost had to sell the Stanley Cup just to hold the finals.

  5. I think this is just a joke Dennis, otherwise someone other than The Onion would be reporting it too. Don’t take anything The Onion says seriously, as they are a spoof site.


    I fell for the story. Then sent it off to Dennis thinking it was real. I’ll take the blame for this. Sorry Dennis and folks.

    Too bad. I would have loved to see Dennis own the nhl.com name.

  7. Danno, it’s great. No sweat. The Onion seems like the kind of gig I’d like to write for.

  8. Sorry your bubbles had to be burst guys. They’re pretty good at what they do, and Dennis you’d be great writing for them. It would have been great if Bettman could have been made to look more stupid than he already has been, but alas….

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