Next Up – Those Guys


What are we going to get from the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night in Beantown?

No idea. I’m not The Amazing Kreskin. I can barely predict rain when I’m standing in it.

They could be good and they could be bad. They could be organized or unorganized, interested or disinterested, hard working or lazy mothers.

But I’m expecting a motivated bunch who’s going to give us a solid effort and score on the power play and do all kinds of good things. A team that will grab two points and send the Bruins faithful home in a depressed state and ready to trash subway cars.

We want two straight wins because we do.

And now, for your reading enjoyment, a couple of Darth etchings to help get in the mood.


cartoon 2

28 thoughts on “Next Up – Those Guys”

  1. The Bruins could win the Cup for the next 18 seasons in a row……….and still not have tied Montreal’s record. So there!

  2. If we can beat the goons tonight with Budaj in nets and Price playing his way the next two games, there’s 3 in a row! I know, I know, one game at a time.

    Just not sure how the B’s are going to play tonight. Will they be goons? I don’t think they’ve been that way lately with anybody. Maybe no one wants to get hurt before the Olympics. In fact, head shots are at a low. I bet the Olympics has something to do with it. If they don’t play dirty tonight and we apply our speed the way we did in the good old days (fall 2013), I say we have a chance.

  3. Absolutely, Marjo. If our guys can use their speed and work hard, they can beat them. But they have to play with passion. If they seem sort of nonchalant and hungover, we’re all screwed. I like to keep the faith, but it’s tough when I see they’re not really into it. It’s depressing. But when I see them giving everything they’ve got, I’m always very proud of them. i know you feel the same way too.

  4. DK, site looks great but I miss the picture of that young shifty r/winger on Elmer St. Orillia!

  5. Mike it’s there. But if you’re on a smaller screen, it might show at the bottom. But on my laptop screen, it’s at the top on the left. Let me know if your computer doesn’t show it and I’ll have to think about why. Or ask my friend Robin in Powell River.

  6. My finger got tired & I didn’t scroll to the bottom, I wear out faster as I grow older or maybe it’s because I gave 175% at work today, wink,wink nudge,nudge!

  7. The site is starting to look good but I still miss the good old DK logo. And I was a bit lost looking for the comments link but that’s just because I am also exhausted from putting in 175% at work like Mike.

    I read my tea leaves and they tell me the Habs will beat the Bruins convincingly with a 4-1 victory.

  8. Danno, I had a nap & I’m now refreshed, the DK’s there on the r/side of the screen about 2 clicks down. I think DK’s just trying to keep our problem solving part of our little grey cells active! 🙂

  9. Mike, the black and white picture of me as a kid in my Habs uniform should be at the top on the left side. Are you not getting that, and is anyone else not getting it there?

  10. Hey buddy, no my computer with a 23″ screen shows it at the bottom, but it’s like a great novel —- save the best for last!

  11. Mike, I just checked Luci’s computer and the picture’s at the top left side, just like mine. Just above the Twitter and Facebook links.Do you see those links? I’m very curious what others are seeing as well.

  12. Unless you keep your web browser maximized, it’s not so much the screen size, but the size of the browser window. If I unmaximize the browser window and narrow it, eventually the left bar moves down to the very bottom. And if I keep on narrowing it, eventually the right bar also moves down too.

    Eventually any further narrowing is not permitted, but I think that’s the browser, not your website. But the interesting part is that this minimum browser width is the minimum width of the centre of your website, where all the content is. When the browser window is narrowed or widened, its this centre width that changes.

  13. DK & Christopher, clicked on view & zoomed out twice on mozilla & all appears on screen although the print size leaves a bit to be desired.
    Good call Danno, could you give me the #’s for to-nites Loto Max.

  14. I don’t have an issue with the text size using default zoom level. If anything it’s too big in the main text window. The text size of the left side bar is a bit small, but I think its bigger problem is that its white on red is quite blurry, the blue on red is a bit better. Even the links in the main text are slightly blurry.

  15. Trying the different browsers I have available on this PC, I find my text problems are mostly with Firefox version 26.0, its better with Chrome Version 32.0.1700.102 m and best with IE Version 8.0.7600.16385. I never use IE.

  16. I agree Christopher, the blue stands out quite well. The white in the text is good & so is the red, it completes the theme of the bleu blanc et rouge!

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