13 thoughts on “New Quiz – Can You Guess The House?”

  1. The top one is yours, the bottom one was Sopel’s. If I’m completely wrong then you grew up in one heck of a nice home! I love that front porch area.

    It’d be a perfect spot to watch a nice big thunderstorm (one of my favorite hobbies).

  2. Yeah, Darth, what a nice house he has. Pro athletes have nice houses for sure. Sopel’s is beautiful so imagine what some of the superstars have.

  3. Dennis that may be Sopel’s house, but you lived in a home. A home is much better. You grow up in it, make friends with neighbours and have fond memories of it. A house is something you buy, live in for a while, sell and then wonder how much profit you made.

  4. It’s true, Chris. Our little house, where for many years my bedroom was the living room couch, was a great home with so many memories. I wouldn’t trade mine for Sopel’s.

  5. the house on elmer ave. was the launching pad for more than a few of our adventures and unlike sopel’s house was home to priceless hab stuff.

  6. DK, if you look close there appears to be a crown on top of your house. I guess the old home knew the King of Montreal Canadien bloggers resides within!
    Cheers from the East!

  7. And Mike, you stayed there for awhile and made me lovely frozen dinners when I came home from the factory at 3:00 A.M. Folks were away.

  8. Having watched that Habs tv series this season I think I know where Gionta lives (it’s not too far from their practice facility). If it’s the neighborhood I think it is then it’s a pretty ritzy place. I’ve driven through there a few times hoping and praying to get a glimpse of our Captain but so far no luck. The homes in that area are HUGE. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have a home that big.

    Some of them are 3, 4 times bigger than that big house in the bottom photo.

  9. Darth, if I was a rich hockey player, I think I’d like to live in a beautiful condo right downtown. Suburbia can get a bit much sometimes. Downtown Montreal, with all the great stuff going on there, would be fantastic. The heck with lawns and malls.

  10. The problem with downtown Montreal is roadwork. You better be a man of great patience because if you weren’t, then you’ll have problems. I’m not sure when the last time you were here, but this summer has been horrific.

    It’s almost at the point where if you can go a mile without seeing an orange traffic cone it’s a miracle.

  11. Yeah, Darth, I wouldn’t like all the roadwork, that’s for sure. When I’m Habs owner, I’m also going to get downtown roads near the Bell all fixed up so the paying customer has the full experience.

  12. You’d become the most beloved owner in Habs history Dennis. People would be thinking “Molson who?”

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