Sort-Of-New-Look Habs Tackle Alex and Cindy

The sort-of-new Montreal Canadiens, with new guys Mathieu Schneider and Gregory Stewart wearing the colours and with Sergei, Ryan, and Alex feeling blue, are in Washington tonight to play a very good club that happens to have Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green on it.

And tomorrow night, the sort-of-new Montreal Canadiens are in Pittsburgh to play a club that happens to have Cindy Crosby and Evelyn Malkin on it. 

But no need to fret. Because like Mark Messier, I’m guaranteeing a win. Both nights.

And another good Elliote Friedman story has cropped up, this one about Alex Kovalev. Have a look.

And one final thought. For all the money Ovechkin makes, why can’t he have a dentist put a tooth in his mouth?

13 thoughts on “Sort-Of-New-Look Habs Tackle Alex and Cindy”

  1. New Theory:

    Kane = Kovalev

    From the article you linked to:

    “Some people need change. You all know people like that, who love to switch jobs every few years. Kovalev might very well be one of those guys.”

    You’ve had lots of jobs over the years Kane……….Explain.

  2. I personally find all these moves rather questionable since my #1 gripe with the team is the incompetent head coach, but I liked Friedman’s assertion that these moves “rattled everyone without getting rid of anyone”. That brings us to Sunday morning, if the Kovy-less Habs go 0-3 against WSH-PIT-OTT, at that point does Carbo finally become accountable or is Kovy the official scape goat and gets shipped out of town?

    As a side note, what type of circus is Gainey running. This Kovy “resting” looks like amateur hour. How many real teams do this to their top talent?

  3. I think for sure if Montreal loses all three, then Carbonneau is gone. For Kovalev, he just couldn’t continue to float. Something had to change. But you’re right, it’s very unusual to rest someone like that.
    Good points.

  4. I’m sick of people calling Crosby “Cindy”. When are people going to realize that he wouldn’t be doing his job as captain if he didn’t speak up every time he or someone on the Penguins thought a call or non-call was wrong?

  5. Dave. When I call Crosby ‘Cindy’ it has nothing to do with any complaining he might do on the ice. All it is is because it sounds similiar to Sidney and it’s a girl’s name. When I originally heard this, it was from a bunch of Rangers fans on a blog and I laughed. I thought it was funny. Believe me, I have the utmost respect for Crosby. I don’t think calling a star from another team a girl’s name to be so bad. I also call Milan Lucic Susan Lucci, and Evgeny Malkin Evelyn. I never thought a Habs fan would be offended by this.

  6. P. – how many teams have to deal with their top talent acting like Kovalev is on the ice?

    Gainey did the right thing, whether you agree or not. And last night’s game partly proves him right, as magically the team which had ‘no system and a terrible coach’ suddenly had a system and it was working. Has it maybe occurred to you that the system has been in place for a while now and that Kovalev just doesn’t want to play it because he finds it boring?
    He’s far far far from being talented enough that Carbo should change his playing system to adjust to Kovy. This is not Ovechkin we’re talking about here.

  7. Hmm, then Dennis, why not `Cindyfella’? I, too, appreciate the joy of playing with words and names – cf C/canuckleheads & Twinkies, Topham and jordy. And, yes, some people do get offended by innocuous things such as this …. so what? Being offended is the order of the day, it’s become dowright chic. Proof? The banishment of `pansification’ from the air-waves. Now, poor persecuted put-upon Mike Milbury has to go out and find a suitable synonym for it. I like C/canuckleheadification or wienniewankerwussification, but then that’s my personal preference – I’m sure there are those out there who will be offended.

  8. I just want to clarify something. I obviously misunderstood you when you called Crosby “Cindy”. I think it stems from the fact that there are people who insist on calling him that because of his alleged crybaby tactics on the ice. I absolutely don’t have any issues with fans making fun of athletes through their names (A-Roid seems to be the name of the month), especially since we usually immortalize them through giving them complimentary names (The Rocket and The Great One come to mind). My main issue is when fans try to disguise jealousy of players like Sid the Kid by giving them names based on some insignificant detriment that may or may not be a part of their game.

  9. Dave- it might not be the case here in this blog, but there is a lot of Crosby bashing that goes on due to the fact that he appears to be a crybaby out there.

    Whether he is or not is debatable. However I know that when I see Koivu, Mike Richards, Chris Drury or just about any other captain for that matter, talking to a referee, they don’t look like Crosby when he does it.

    He has this ‘I’m complaining and because I’m Gary Bettman’s bed mate and the face of the league I’m right’ attitude at times and it gets annoying.

    I respect the player that he his, and his talent – he’s definitely a top 3 talent in the world. He’s very interesting to watch play from an analytical perspective (not like Ovechkin, who’s pure emotion) and I think he does awesome things for the League. But I firmly believe his attitude takes away from him as a person.

  10. dave in jersey, I concur with the distinction you make and would like to suggest you get Dennis to let you do a `guest blog’ on this topic which is more complex and interesting than it appears. Consider, probably the all-time great `crybaby’ was The Great One …. hmmm, do the really really good players `get’ something the rest of us mere mortals do not? We all know that the game is played out on many levels in many modes but for some players do they possess a special talent, a deeper insight such that some aspects that are `intangible’ to us somehow acquire a `tangible’ consistency for them, something they either explicitly or intuitively know how to work for the good of their team? Synaesthesia comes to mind here – perhaps `crying’ to the ref is as substantive to them as the feel of the blade on the ice and is therefore just another part of the game that they excel in? Also, remember, for the top-flight players, fair play and the application of the rules to ensure this always works in their favour unless, yup, it doesn’t … hence, the `crying’? Perhaps, also, this reflects a difference in eras. Used to be, Howe & Richard & co. didn’t look to the refs for `fairness’ so much as order and thus one reason why `fighting’ is so engrained in the game and why I suspect all of us want Iggy on our team.

  11. p.s. forgot to suggest that it is perhaps the `absence’ of this ability to translate the intangible into the tangible that accounts for Kovalev’s failure to achieve results that correspond to his obvious physical talents.

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