New Habs Job Idea

Still waiting by the phone for the stick boy thing. Have also heard nothing about keeping the players’ wives comfortable, being a flag kid, becoming owner, and riding shotgun on the zamboni.

Maybe this will work…

You might have seen the Habs dads on TV when the Canadiens travelled to Minnesota and Colorado recently, and 24CH recently showed a few minutes of them too.

The dads get to go on the road with their sons from time to time, compliments of the Canadiens organization, but alas, sometimes dads can’t go.


I’ll be a fill-in dad for a player whose real dad can’t make it!

I’ve got dad experience. I’ll make sure he gets to the rink on time. I’ll tie up his skates if he wants. And of course after the game I’ll head to the bar so I don’t embarrass him in front of his friends.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

7 thoughts on “New Habs Job Idea”

  1. If you are going to be a fill-in dad, I hope you give them the lecture of their lives. Some of them need it. Some could also use a spanking although you may want to pass that chore onto someone else.

  2. Darth, Habs driver? It means I’d have to take them to the airport with all the construction and lane closures. Okay, I’ll do it. As long as one of them drives. What about anthem singer?

  3. On Hockey Inside Out, the question of the day is if PK should be a regular on the penalty kill. Like others, at first I wondered why he was not on the kill, but now I’m thinking don’t the Habs have one of the best PK in the league? And if we’ve done this well without Subban, why bring him in? Why not save his energy and what may be an injury from a blocked shot for other minutes he performs during the game? Just a thought…

  4. Therrien probably doesn’t trust PK on the kill. He’s too freewheeling. But if it was me, I’d have the guy on the ice for about 50 minutes a game. The guy’s chiseled, he’s a skater, and he holds onto the puck. Kind of like Orr only different!

  5. The people who put together 24 CH really missed a golden opportunity by not calling you to fill in as substitute dad. It would have been hilarious. Maybe next year?

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