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I wrote this last night and for some reason, probably because I’m losing my mind, I didn’t post it. So it’s a little late.

The Canadiens have sent a 2013 fifth-round draft pick to the L.A. Kings in exchange for 28-year old defenceman Davis Drewiske, and I know so little about this guy, I’m not even sure the picture of him here is actually him.

Marc Bergevin and the gang have been looking for a veteran defenceman to add depth to the blueline corp. Someone who might be a good reliable team player, which is all-important. Someone who fits in nicely and doesn’t cost much. So they got Drewiske, whom I’ve never heard of, but who seems to be a tough-yet-likeable fellow who may or may not play a lot for the team this year. I have no idea.

On paper this isn’t Bobby Orr. Last year with the Kings, he played in just nine games and none in the Kings’ Cup run, and apparently he was a healthy scratch lately with the Kings. But if Marc Bergevin feels good about this, then so do I. And really, I was never all that excited about the prospects of well-known players such as Jaromir Jagr and Ryane Clowe coming to Montreal.

So getting Drewiske is fine with me. I’m not whooping and hollering, but I’m fine. And in looking at him, I see that he’s got good hair.

It’s late at night, time to rest my back, and maybe wonder if Bergevin does anything else in the hours coming up. I wouldn’t be disappointed if all stayed quiet on the Habs front. The team has a good thing going now, the chemistry seems right, and we don’t want anything or anybody to screw with that. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want Jagr.

Whether or not the Habs are tough enough for the heavy going remains to be seen, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some tweaking in this area. It’s all in the capable hands of Marc Bergevin.

Random Note:

I don’t know of a lot of people with the first name Davis. Pro golfer Davis Love 111 was the only one until Davis Drewishe came on the radar. According to one site, Davis is the 395th most popular name in the United States. One in 2059 men are named Davis.

Dennis is the 72nd most popular name in the U.S. (1 in 300).




8 thoughts on “New Hab Davis Drewiske”

  1. And he’s extremely handsome.

    This now means we have 5 Americans on our team?? So if we don’t do so well come a couple of months, maybe that can be our scapegoat.

  2. I like the pick up. With Armstrong lost for the season, we add another hard worker who isn’t a glory hound.

    Goatmex is a -8. Pure magic!

  3. Marjo, it’s just eerie how much Davis looks like me. It’s like looking in the mirror.

  4. Hoping Davis works out fine, Mike. Sometimes these guys who have made very little impact elsewhere suddenly get the job done in a big way in new surroundings. I trust our GM.

  5. Dennis, now we have two DD’s on the team.

    Davis Drewiske and David Desharnais

    Big DD and Wee Dee Dee.

    Or DD and dd…

  6. Drewiske’s hair is okay, but it’s not in the same league as the flowing locks of Jaromir Jagr’s glory days. Maybe Carey Price can lend Drewiske some of his excellent hair products that that will help give Drewiske the look of a champion.

  7. I don’t particularly like this trade. My best case scenario is that this was to be part of a larger trade that fell through or an attempt to improve the chance that Kaberle is moved.

    Otherwise my interpretation of this trade.
    Diaz is unlikely to return this year.
    Kaberle and Weber won’t be wearing the CH again.
    No one in Hamilton is ready for full time NHL duty.

    I thought we already had enough depth at defence. Tinordi had a great first game and Beaulieu did a good job and I still want to see St-Denis again as he was very good for a prolonged stint as a #6 defenceman last year.

    I’m wondering if it would have been better to have the Leaf/Avalanche deal with Ryan O’Byrne returning for a 4th round pick in 2014. Despite pulling the occasional boner, he brings a lot more size and toughness.

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