New Guy Semin

Right winger Alexander Semin, recently bought out by the Carolina Hurricanes, has been picked up by the Habs for one year and 1.1 million. Cheap like borscht, unless you live in the real world of course.

With Semin, we’re just gonna have to wait and see. The former first-rounder scored forty goals once upon a time, while last year he managed just six. He’s known as a talented enigma, somewhat polarizing like many of his fellow hockey-playing countrymen, and when you read fans’ comments throughout the web, you see that a bunch think it’s a fine deal with nothing to lose, while plenty of others feel he’s a bum who might be better off selling vodka in Vladivostok.

Semin is 31 years old, has nice size at 6’2″, 209 pounds, and over the course of 635 NHL games played with Washington and Carolina, notched 238 goals and 275 assists for 513 points. Definitely decent numbers, aside from last year’s miserable showing, and now it’s time to pull up his socks once again and help our boys. He joins Gally, Dale Weise, Devante Smith-Pelly, and fellow new guy Zack Kassian on the right side.

It’s all fine and dandy because he’s cheap, but it’s still tough for me to shake the image of his fight with Marc Staal back in 2009 when he slapped away like Liberace on the ivories. Look it up. I can’t bear to, now that he’s a Hab.

It was pathetic and I never wanted this guy on my team because of it. And now he is.

I’m working on this issue though. I was never a great fighter either, and if I was a lousy fighter, who am I to criticize another lousy fighter?

And maybe, aside from fighting, he’ll help.


6 thoughts on “New Guy Semin”

  1. For once Bergevin has signed a legitimate first line player; usually he goes for the depth players with good character. Overall I think it’s a good deal but I still have a few concerns.

    Key worry is that if he brings a lazy attitude he may disrupt the locker room. But if he does hopefully Bergevin will end the experiment and he’ll be quickly shipped out, burning the $1.1M. Still better than the Hurricanes who are paying him $2.3M for each of the next 6 years to not play for them. He’ll be selling damn good vodka back home in Siberia.

    Then I worry that we won’t have any place in the line-up for any new prospects from Hamilton now St. Johns. No Scherbak or Hudon. And we may even end up losing Bournival and Tinordi to waivers. On the other hand, it’s not like Therrien was going to play them.

    Is there any news on the Galchenyuk negotiations? How far apart are they? What’s he asking? What’s the team offering?

  2. He’s absolutely a first-line type of guy, Christopher, but if Carolina bought him out, he must have a serious downside. Maybe it’s his personality. And yeah, there’s only so many spots on the roster, and to see either Bournival or Tinordi go would suck for me. Bournival is a good young player who was never given a chance. I watched him at Brossard and he was excellent, with nice size. Tinordi was given chances but failed to show more than what Beaulieu has shown, but I think Tinordi, especially, needs to be kept. I haven’t heard anything about Galchenyuk worth mentioning. Ongoing stuff. All I know is, his sister on Facebook is really hot.

  3. Dennis, does the burden of keeping the hot sisters of unmarried players comfortable and satisfied also fall to you? Between them and the sticks, I don’t know how you do it.

  4. I do it because I make the sacrifices, Christopher. It warms my heart to make Anna Galchenyuk comfortable. I don’t see anyone else doing it.

  5. Hello Dennis et al. Hope every one is enjoying the summer. Dennis I felt I needed to respond to the fighting style preferred by Mr Semin. I don’t know the guy but maybe the slap punches were his way of saving his knuckles? Think about it, he’s a skill guy and we all know punching a helmet can’t be good for you so maybe he was being smart and saving his hands. Either that or he grew up on a remote island with a bunch of girls. Just kidding. I really hope this guy pans out but I have a feeling we’re in for a new version of l’artiste.

  6. Hi D-John. Hope your summer in beautiful Kenora is going great too. I think I’ll forget all about his lack of fisticuff skill if he can net 30 or more and really help the team. Maybe he’ll change the pitiful power play! Great to hear from you.

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