Wondering Where Brent Sopel Goes Next

Brent Sopel will be moving on this season after his year-long stint with the Canadiens, and I think many of us found Brent to be a hard-working, shot-blocking blue-collar guy who gave 100%, which is what all good Habs fans definitely demand. Unfortunately for this Saskatoon-raised prairie boy, the  Canadiens needed more than what he could provide. They’re a team on the cusp of being a major contender, and upgrades in many departments are crucial.

But it’s not the first time Brent has moved around. Hardly. From Vancouver to Long Island to LA and Vancouver again. On to Chicago, Atlanta, and finally the Habs. This is the type of life for the majority of professional athletes.

Brent Sopel has never been a star, but he’s been plenty good enough to be an important part of the blueline for so many teams. The Sopels of the world just have the misfortune of being traded more often than others. They’re still very important and effective, and even though their hockey cards and autographs aren’t as pricey as some others, it’s always the teammates, the ones who know them best, who appreciate them most. Teammates and of course, wife and kids.

Brent’s wife Kelly gives us thoughts and glimpses in her blog, Life of a Hockey Widow, with the following coming after Montreal had been eliminated and Sopes goes home for awhile.

“Sopey’s finally home!!!!! He arrived last night to screaming kids with signs. We’re all so happy to have him back for a little while. Who knows what the situation will be for next year – can’t think about that right now.

He’ll re-live the playoffs for a little while, wondering what else could have been done. This happens all of the time. Two weeks of body rest and he’ll be back at it! Up around 4:30am for his workouts so he’s back before the kids wake up. Myself, I couldn’t be happier that he’s a morning person. Until I have coffee and lounge around the day doesn’t start.”

“Sopes is now back working out and feeling great. I will never know how someone can rise at 4:30am for the day and work out, let alone function. Insanity! I heard that hours like that should be reserved for crack heads and paperboys, I agree! I’m not a morning person; or a night person for that matter. Nothing wrong with some regular shut-eye. It’s hard enough just to get Sopes to sit for a meal. Maybe he’s still making up for lost time at home, who knows.”

“Yes, it’s extremely stressful waiting to see where Sopes will be next year. I will blog about free-agency later on in the week. Until then, we are relishing in our QUIET home.”

“And so it begins. The pit in the stomach of what this year will bring. We’ve talked, speculated and talked some more. It seems as if every time we decide on a plan, life gets in the way. If I’ve learned anything in this journey in the NHL with Sopes, it’s to expect the unexpected. July 1st is fast approaching. No matter what, I will remain here in Chicago – that’s guaranteed.”




7 thoughts on “Wondering Where Brent Sopel Goes Next”

  1. Hey Dennis, I like Brent Sopel,always have enjoyed his style of play,an honest hard working defensman that comes to play every night.I remember him with the Canuks when he first broke into the league,his shot blocking was phenominal to say the least.I would like to see Brent stay with the Habs,even for only one year,maybe to win a cup .

  2. It’s the salary cap era and it all boils down to money just like what happened to the Wiz. Good guys don’t always get to stick around.

    4:00 am is usually when I get up and it’s an ungodly hour to get up in the morning.

  3. Danno, these are my hours too. Sometimes 3;30, or 4;00, or 5. It’s ungodly. Also, I think my blog is working much faster now and hopefully from yours and everyone else’s end it is too.
    I just think with Sopel, he wasn’t quite good enough for a team trying to make a major push. He was solid and a hard worker, but the time has come to tweak some more.

  4. Well Dennis, if Markov and Gorges come back in top form, the Canadiens will have one of the best (if not THE best) defensive lineups in the league.
    Can’t wait.
    One other thing…
    I wish I wouldn’t get that little squiggly red line whenever I type the word Canadiens which is supposed to tell you that you spelled a word wrong.
    Could you talk to the tech guys in Texas about that please Dennis? 🙂

  5. I’ll talk to those bastards, Danno. There will be no ugly little squiggly things on my watch. (at least it doesn’t show up when it counts).
    I’m feeling good about the 2011-12 edition. But we need good numbers from Kostitsyn and Gomez for instance, better numbers from Eller, and a really good stickboy.

  6. Danno, I think that red squiggly line is a spell checker added to your web browser. I use Firefox and get the same thing. However by right clicking on the word, one of the options is “Add to Dictionary” which will permanently make the red line go away.

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