New Blades!

I bought a new pair of skates today. CCM beauties on sale for thirty bucks off the regular $95. (And then they gave me a $15 gift card!)

Who gives a flying Wallenda? you ask. I don’t blame you. I’d ask the same thing.

But it’s the first new pair of skates I’ve owned since I was fifteen years old and had saved some money, hopped on a bus to Toronto, made my way to the C.C.M. factory where I’d heard you could buy Tacks that were fitted to your feet (they weren’t, but anyway), and I took them home, covered them every few days with leather protector stuff, and laced them up when it was time for me to be a smallish yet shifty right winger.

That was the last time I’d ever bought new skates. Any others along the way were given to me. The last pair I owned were left outside for a couple of years and they turned to powder.

But today I have a new pair, which I’m going to break in at the outdoor rink down the street. And when my company rents the ice in February, I’m going to lace these new things up and get out there and be a smallish yet shifty right winger once again.

New skates. Darn right.

Now I need a stick.




One thought on “New Blades!”

  1. Good on you getting new blades Dennis!!!!!Seem to be some outdoor rinks this part of the country AND indoor ones to help us stop. Happy skating with
    Luci. Wonder what team we’re going to see in the new year—the skating, passing, fast Habs or the soporific[ sleep-inducing]looked it up in Websters book—slouches that won’t skate. I respect the human element of pro athletes, fatigue, family[away from]emotions. high profile lifestyle etc. etc. — but is effort too much to ask at those wages. Don’t hear of owners standing at the exits with apoligies and/or partial refunds for lathargic snoozers.Feel sorry for the paying fans. Maybe my expectations are too high. any way my take on PK—-so many folks in the hockey world–players, media,–dislike him and YET he got the Norris trophy.. I don’t vote for someone I don’t like unless they’re REALLY good at what they do, so many should just shut-up [including coach], let him play HIS game–free-wheeling, hard skating, passing, and some butt-checks that only PK can throw!!A few mistakes will be overshadowed by the positive. Who out there can get me Coaches address and Bergevon?? There’s my rant for the day.

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