Needing A Win Tonight


Habs in Ottawa tonight, and it’s must-win of course.

Because I harken back to the old adage that a slump is three straight losses and a bad bounce from being four.

And seeing how they fell to New Jersey on Tuesday, with the Sens now and then the Leafs on Saturday, we need a win to avoid the old adage and kick off this three-game road trip in fine style, which, by the way, also includes Pittsburgh next Wednesday.



7 thoughts on “Needing A Win Tonight”

  1. I’d like to be optimistic about tonight, but the Senators are completely in the Habs’ heads.

  2. I agree with Ian and your comment Dennis. I hope they play like they did against Chicago. We need more of those types of games. Go Habs Go

  3. GimmeShelter – They have to win tonight and then against Toronto. Then we can start planning the parade again. And now that I’m living in St. Hubert on the South Shore, I think the parade should come here. Slightly out of the way but I don’t care.

  4. Ottawa fans a strutting up and down Bank Street like a bunch of roosters

    ….Oh so proud they are with their little resurgence….

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