Nearing The Finish Line





It was Calgary to Chilliwack on this New Year’s Eve, definitely a major haul that saw us wind our way through the Rockies and beyond, and we’ll be in Powell River tomorrow afternoon.

Just an excellent trip that began on Christmas morning in Montreal, and aside from a snowstorm north of Sault Ste. Marie, near perfect weather all the way, which means we were incredibly lucky. It easily could’ve been horrendous, but it wasn’t.

It was nights spent in Pembroke, Sudbury, Wawa, Kenora, Moose Jaw, Calgary, and now Chilliwack, with cheap gas everywhere, including 79 cents a litre in Medicine Hat.

Nearly 5000 km in all, with a lot of lousy food, beautiful scenery, frigid prairies, a visit with my son in Calgary, a cat that never complained, and now the edge of the water just an hour away.

Missed a lot of hockey though. A couple of Habs games, several Team Canada World Juniors contests, and although we get back tomorrow, we won’t have internet or TV until Saturday so more games will be missed.

Missing things is the price paid for going on something slightly bigger than a Sunday drive.

Time to get cleaned up and find somewhere to eat and enjoy the last few hours of 2014. At this time I’d like to wish everyone a fantastic 2015. Hope it’s a happy year for you, with a serious lack  of headaches and bullshit.

And imagine a Habs Stanley Cup in the spring!

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  1. Happy New Year 2015 to you, Luci, Teesha the cat and all your loved ones Dennis – as well as to all the fine folks who frequent this wonderful blog!

  2. Glad you’re making it safely! Thank you for the pictures! It is my dream to take the train from Halifax to Vancouver. The scenery looks incredible! I’m envious!

    Oh yeah… the young guns are looking great. Last night Jacques Martin was on the radio between the 2nd & 3rd periods taking credit for current success. Only thing missing Gauthier shaking his head in agreement…

  3. Hey Dennis, Well if missing things happens to be the reward for moving west…so be it buddy. I think you have accomplished something big and the only thing that could be bigger is the Coupe De Stanley pour les Bleu,Blanc eh Rouge.

  4. Happy New Year Dennis, and all the commenters which make reading this blog a daily necessity all year long. Wishing you, Lucy and Teesha and a safe finish to your sprint across the country. And then a Stanley Cup parade down Ste. Catherine doesn’t seem too much to ask for 2015. Hopefully you’ll be able to be back in Montreal to provide first hand details of the celebration. If Molson and Bergevin won’t make you stick boy, maybe they’ll fly you back to be the parade marshal.

  5. Team Canada is rocking it and so are the Habs . It’ s not always pretty but the job is getting done and that is all that matters . Thanks for the pics and updates and a most happy new year to you , Luci and Teesha .

  6. Thanks Danno. And back to you and Gail. Hope it’s a fantastic 2015 for the two of you. A special couple.

  7. Wish I would’ve taken more, Mike. Lucy and I just don’t have the picture taking touch. And for you, to see Canada from Halifax to Vancouver would be an experience you’d never forget. Every single part of Canada is gorgeous, and that includes the prairies which I think is sensational with the trains and the grain elevators and big sky. And of course the Rocky Mountains. Put it high up on your list, Mike. And the Habs? Love the big line.

  8. Thanks Derry. I’m proud of what I did in Montreal. The whole thing – moving there, working at Classic Auctions, getting to know the Montreal area,. It was an experience I’ll forever be proud of and will never forget.

  9. Thanks so much Christopher. You’ve been an awesome fellow on these pages for years now, and I hope you enjoy a splendid 2015. Thanks for everything.

  10. Thanks Joe. Hope 2015 is great for you. Wish I could’ve put up more pics but many came out blurry from being in the moving car. But I was able to show a few from a fantastic trip across such a beautiful country.

  11. Glad that you’re all both safe and sound and almost home. Sad however that you are farther and farther away from Montreal where we never had that drink and chat. Lesson learned on my part, we really don’t have all the time in the world so it’s really important to make that time count. That’s my resolution for 2015 and may the New Year bring you all happiness and health above all.

    I lift my glass to you Dennis, fine sir.

  12. Thank you, Moey. Yes it’s sad that we didn’t get that chance. But I understand completely that everyone has their own lives to live and it can be difficult sometimes, especially in a huge city. It would’ve been great to meet and chat, and I’m hoping to some day get back to Montreal and if so, then we’ll do it for sure. Hoping you have a sensational new year, Moey. Full of fun and fine times, and maybe even Lord Stanley’s mug.

  13. All the Very Best in the New Year to you, Lucy, Teesha and all that visit this great site! As you read this I am now officially retired, I’m of two minds. I know I’m going to miss a great bunch of guys & a job I loved doing but the old knees & back were telling me it’s time. The other part of me is thinking about the unknown, after working 45 years it’s going to be strange getting up Monday morning with an empty schedule! It will certainly be a very different beginning to a New Year.
    Glad your trip was without too much of our usual winter road conditions. Take care my friends & have a great year!

  14. Dennis, it will not be long now until you are at your new home. Wow. These pictures are simply breathtaking. The Rockies are just beautiful and remind me of my time out there when I was on my honeymoon. I am so happy that your trip has gone so, so well. I wish you all the best in 2015 ! Happy New Year ! 🙂

  15. Mike, thanks. I’m right with you on the retirement thing. Imagine. I’ve been looking forward to retirement for most of my life. I think we’re both going to enjoy it, but we have to keep busy. Although I think I won’t have much problem with that for awhile.

  16. All the best to you too, Travis. The trip was great, although darn cold from Kenora to Moose Jaw. The weather behaved, the cat was excellent, and we made it safe and sound. Now it’s time to do some Habs and World Juniors watching.

  17. Beatnik, I thought we had a deal, you started well by selling Carey that hat but after talking with DK I understand those Palm Trees are still there. What’s up with that! 🙂

  18. I figured if I took them down we’d have snow for sure and since I didn’t we’ve had “Palmy” weather!!!!

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