Nashville Fans Ponder The Trade

Below is a sampling of what Nashville fans are saying about the Kostitsyn/Ellis/Boyd trade on the blog “On The Forecheck.”  It appears most weren’t impressed with Ellis and Boyd anyway so they don’t really mind this swap at all. Although some are wary of Kostitsyn’s reputation.

“But I wonder what DP/BT sees in this guy? A cheap under-performing winger? And if he’s like Rads, why would we want two of them next year? Unless they somehow both put up big numbers…hmmm.”

Yeah…the bad work ethic will never, ever fly with Trotz. That’ll have to change on day one.

The logic is if Trotz can’t straighten him out, nobody can. Personally, I’m ecstatic for the trade. Boyd is no better than a bottom-6 forward and Ellis was gone/not really worth anything in the first place. Kostisyn makes us younger, more skilled, and has huge potential.

Anything for nothing is OK I guess, but I don’t see Kostitsyn working out here at all.

Nashville doesn’t strike me as a place where underachieving head cases find a second chance.

I’m with Dirk on this one. Underachieving, lazy head cases with cursory NHL experience aren’t my cup of tea. If he was another Joel Ward, fantastic – but he’s not the type who will bust his ass every shift.

nobody would argue he’s likable or a typical Predator. The point is, we traded nothing to take a flyer on a 23-year-old who scored 130 points in the OHL not too long ago.

Lotsa guys score like that in the OHL – 18 year old Preds prospect Taylor Beck scored 65+/- goals this year.

What would you realistically say is Kostisyn’s ceiling for points in the NHL, then?

The +/- was my way of saying that I was guessing on how many he had scored; I couldn’t really remember.

You are correct, Beck had 93 OHL points and 40 goals.

I really have no idea – don’t know enough about him to assess it.

we need more dangle

Sure, but I’m not sure this is it. Time will tell. First Poile negotiates.

He was suspended by the team this past October for failing to report to Hamilton of the AHL after being demoted.

He was also told to stay away from the Canadiens prior to Game 4 of their Eastern Conference semi-finals series with the Penguins for his poor attitude and work habits. He was publicly criticized by goaltender Carey Price for his lack of effort in training.

This is a move that smacks of desperation

we’re not investing anything in him. If we don’t like him, he gets released, with no risk to the team. We literally traded nothing of value for him—the negotiating rights to two frivolous players (sorry, Dan). And his salary won’t be a big cap hit either.

A good camp could easily find him on one of the top two lines. Perhaps he takes the role and runs with it…

or perhaps we don’t sign him and he’s a UFA by the end of the week.

It has never worked with mercenaries in Nashville why would it worked today. I don’t like this trade and I hope Poile won’t find an agreement with the Montreal-Mafia-Boy

 is it some categorial denunciation of Russian players?

He’s not Russian. He’s Belarussian.

I thought the mafia reference was some russian thing. Or is he just calling him a hoodlum

there has been rumors that the kostitsyn brothers have had ties to the mafia in canada.

this is not a “categorial denunciation” against Russian players. I would not say something like that for any other players but one of the Kostitsyn brothers. There were serious accusations AND police investigation in Montreal.

Anyway I don’t like the idea to have someone like him in the team. If some people like this player and buy some jersey, great, but I won’t cheer for him if he stays.


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  1. He’s RFA after July 1 too. He was given an offer sheet by Montreal and his rights are now Nashville’s. So, if he walk and someone signs him for a low salary, he fetches a 3rd round pick, and if Ellis signs with Montreal, there’s another 3rd. This could potentially fetch a couple picks for “nothing”.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Maybe Gauthier is pulling some rabbits out of a hat. The bottom line for me is, Sergei is gone, and although I’m disappointed he didn’t pan out as expected, I’m more excited that we can turn a page and continue to make this team a growing concern.

  3. There’s one more intangible benefit to Montreal.
    Big brother Andrei’s play will no longer be influenced by the amount of pouting Sergei is doing while he’s in Jacques Martin’s doghouse.
    From now on I expect to see a much more dangerous AK-47.
    Stay tuned…

  4. Typo above. Should be AK-46…

    Lots more shots and on target. Rapid fire and lethal. That’s what we want from Andrei..

  5. Montreal has been blessed with having a solid goalie duo for the past 5-6 years. Starting with David Aebischer and Cristobal Huet, Then Huet-Price, then Price-Halak, and now Price-Ellis, (if both are here to stay).
    This off season just got real interesting.

  6. Absolutely has become very interesting, Phil. Pierre Gauthier is either going to look real bad or come out smelling like roses. I think it’s all going to boil down to Carey Price and how well he plays. And they need a captain.

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